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These bouncy critters can be found all over the Savanna. They can usually be found munching on Sawgrass with their tough, flat teeth.



The wompit has a bull like head set on a a single leg with an elephant like foot on the bottom. It has 2 sets of ears and its teeth on its lower jaw come up in an underbite. They are flat as the wompit is a herbivore. Depending on its clasification of normal/sterling/lord it can have multiple colors. normal wompits are a brownish-gray color while sterling are a green color and womplords are a white metalic with red eyes.


The Wompit is likely the first creature you will tame on your adventure. At some point you will find a Wompit Egg after killing one. The egg will only be dropped by a wompit bigger than the smallest size. The larger the wompit, the higher the chance of a drop. Once you get the Wompit Egg you will be able to craft the Wompit Incubator which will let you hatch it, also, you can only get 2 wompit eggs. The wompit takes 5 minutes to hatch. After this it start off smaller then the average Wompit. Over time the Wompit will grow to slightly smaller than flux, after which you can craft a Wompit Garter to grow it to a powerful wompit. The recipe for the wompit garter is unlocked by defeating a sterling wompit while you have your wompit with you. After this you can get a Wompogo Stick which gets you to a third (and last) stage which looks like a womplord. Tamed wompits can produce milk which is used in some crafting recipes.

Attack PatternEdit

The Wompit's pattern is one of the easiest to learn because all they do is stomp, as simple as that! Although, occasionally, they will double stomp at random intervals. They can be provoked by deconstructing nearby sawgrass, which is their diet. Early game, they are quite difficult to fight, but Mid to End Game, they become the Caterpie of Woanope!

Attack StrategiesEdit

Wait until the Wompit finishes its stomping attack, and then hit it 1 or 2 times with your weapon(depends on your weapon type),Hammers are the best for killing them as wompits have a low attack cooldown, thus you need to spend more time to kill them if you've got axe/sword.A stunning device can also be used while the Wompit is in mid-air to cancel its attack. However,Be careful about their occasional double stomping attacks, which has higher aoe and power. Also they take less damage from fire and poison.

Types of Wompits & DropsEdit

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