Wojack Sucker

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Wojack Sucker
Wojack Sucker.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"The severed arm of a Wojack. It wasn't really using it, anyway."

Description[edit | edit source]

Wojack Sucker is a component that drops from the Wojack.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Jacksaw.pngJacksaw Blastique Saw.pngBlastique Saw (1)
Splinter.pngSplinter (12)
Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (10)
Jolly.pngJolly (8)
Jackweaver.pngJackweaver Myelar.pngMyelar (23)
Wojack Cilia.pngWojack Cilia (5)
Wojack Petal.pngWojack Petal (21)
Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (15)
Myelar Faceholder.pngMyelar Faceholder Myelar.pngMyelar (19)
Bleghpod.pngBleghpod (3)
Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (13)
Myelar Armsheaths.pngMyelar Armsheaths Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (9)
Myelar.pngMyelar (14)
Splinter.pngSplinter (11)
Thumparoonie.pngThumparoonie Wojack Petal.pngWojack Petal (12)
Wojack Cilia.pngWojack Cilia (3)
Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (9)
Telescope.pngTelescope Splinter.pngSplinter (9)
Wojack Cornea.pngWojack Cornea (3)
Dusk Prism.pngDusk Prism (1)
Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (8)
Stuffed Wojack.pngStuffed Wojack Jolly Gastrolith.pngJolly Gastrolith (3)
Wojack Cilia.pngWojack Cilia (3)
Wojack Sucker.pngWojack Sucker (10)

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