Wild Claws

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Craft the Woodshankers[edit | edit source]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : We haven't seen anything like it - I bet it's ultra rare!
Flux.png Flux : Can we do something useful with it? I know! I can use it to rake leaves in front of the base! Keep the yard all tidy an--
Juicebox.png Juicebox : RAKE LEAVES?! Flux that Hydrablade should be used for something more awesome.
Flux.png Flux : Like what? A super-defensive pair of gloves?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Hmm... let me analyze how to fit these alongside those meaty palms of yours real quick - *BLEEP BLOOP BAP*
Flux.png Flux : Remind me not to itch my face when I get these on.

To do[edit | edit source]

Create a pair of Hydrablade Woodshankers.

Reward for completing the Quest[edit | edit source]

A pair of Hydrablade Woodshankers.

Usefull hints[edit | edit source]

You have to harvest a lot Sawgrass (around ~50) to get the The Hydrablade.png Hydrablade drop, the Wild Claws quest, and the Hydrablade Woodshankers schematic. All three are come together.