Uugy's Meadow

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At Uugy's Meadow, you will see two Tendraams, Uugy and Aarnd. When you talk to Aarnd, he will give you a series of 3 Quests 1. He will ask you for 5 pots of Baconweed and give you the schematic. 2. He will tell you that a wompit named Nightstalka killed his pappy, and you should go kill it. 3. He will ask for 31 wood walls and a wood poledoor. After that, Uugy will try to get Aarnd to put a pot of Baconweed at the front door to make the baconweed fairy come, and Aarnd will send you to Old Jaarnal, who gives you another quest.

*** SPOILER ***

Old Jaarnal's quest will lead to a boss battle with the Baconweed Fairy.