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Skeletonized Fathead
Skeletonized Fathead.png
Type Consumable
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal
"The acid of the Bawg has purified the healing essence of this Fathead. Restores 2,234 HP!"


Skeletonized Fathead is used as a health restoring consumable and crafting component and is found when fishing in the Bawg.


Used InEdit

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
 Saggy Healing Potion (3)  Sagtatoe (3)
 Skeletonized Fathead (3)
 Centrifuge  Satgat Exoskeleton (18)
 Coral Tubes (2)
 Satgat Flesh (5)
 Skeletonized Fathead (3)
 Vampaxe  Vampry (1)
 Skeletonized Fathead (2)
 Coral Tubes (1)