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The Quadropus are squid-like creatures found in the game Crashlands.


Quadropi are indigenous to the Savanna biome and are usually found holding an item that represents their role, such as a weapon, tool, or other handheld item,

The Quadropi play a pretty important role in the game's main story, some of the more important ones include Jak, Makalak, Brikabrack, and Flak, whom are all apart of the Fith Arm of Woanope, led by Grandmammy.


The Quadropus originated from another Butterscotch Shenanigans game "Quadropus Rampage."

Upon getting a specific achievement in Quadropus Rampage, (if logged in using your Bscotch Id) will unlock a secret sidequest involving the main character in Quadropus Rampage, Tack, completing this sidequest will give you the Smash Racket.