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Basic Info
Biome Tundra
Hardcore Signal Name Angled Signal
Deals Damage Ice, Electric, Poison

The Poteti is a potato yeti that you fight in the Tundra. You can find it by following the Nursery quests, just west of the Central Podguard in the Tundra.


  1. He sometimes summons ice crystals from the sky, which deal Ice damage if they hit you when they fall.
  2. He has a triangular ice shard that moves around with him. If Flux touches it, she will get Ice Damage.
  3. He sometimes summons 3 ice-ghosts surrounding him at different distances. Touching them will deal Ice Damage to Flux. Also she will suffer either poison damage or bleeding after touching them.
  4. He has a big laser which deals Electric Damage to a big area.
  5. He has a smaller laser which shoots around 5 times in a row to a smaller spot.


Hardcore Mode

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