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The Level defines, how strong a piece of Armor, a weapon, creatures, or bosses are.

Leveling Progress[edit | edit source]

Without some special exceptions the leveling process is +2. Which means it starts at Level one and the next better armor peace for example will be level 3. This means there's nothing in the game on level six. The Values within the leveling process will increase rapidly. If you got a lvl 5 white helmet for example, it will have 141 HP on it. The lvl 9 helmet has already 288 HP on it, which means that all 2 tiers - or all 4 levels the stats double up. Especially on Hardcore or higher difficulties it is crucial to grade the armor pieces up early enough: at least every 2 stations, which are 4 levels. Set Priority to head (35%) & Chest (30%) , because on a full set of the same quality they will give you 65% of the HP. Even more important: the upgrading of weapons. The first thing you should create with every new Working Station is a new weapon because combat gets easier with it as creatures won't live as long.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Level White Helm HP
1 Loghat.png Loghat 39
3 WompHat.png Womphat 87
5 Chelm.png Chelm 141
7 Squask.png Squask 206
9 Pearlhat.png Pearlhat 288
11 Duskhelm.png Duskhelm 396
13 Vlapface Hat.png Vlapface Hat 546
15 Myelar Faceholder.png Myelar Faceholder 760
17 Throak Headguard.png Throak Headguard 1074
19 Snelm.png Snelm 1574
21 Exohead Facemask.png Exohead Facemask 2265
23 Grenamel Stachemask.png Grenamel Stachemask 3367
25 Smat.png Smat 5070
27 Hardhat.png Hardhat 7710
29 Karbelm.png Karbelm 11817
31 Thinkingcap.png Thinkingcap 18213
33 Redhat.png Redhat 28188
35 * Lonsdelm.png Lonsdelm 43754
37 * Juicejockey VacuHelm.png Juicejockey VacuHelm 68055
  • * Values of Level 35 and 37 are calculated - because the Lonsdelm.png Lonsdelm and the Juicejockey VacuHelm.png Juicejockey VacuHelm can only roll legendary.
  • Acceptable Items will have 105.5% HP of white.
  • Satisfying Items will have 111.0% HP of white.
  • Excellent Items will have 116.5% HP of white.
  • Legendary/Ludricous Items will have 122.0% HP of white.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Level White Weapon Example DPS
1 Sawgrass Sword.png Sawgrass Sword 51
3 Flatstone Hammer.png Flatstone Hammer 85
5 Stonahawk.png Stonahawk 117
7 SqueeBop.png SqueeBop 152
9 Pearlscale Sword.png Pearlscale Sword 192
11 Crystal Axe.png Crystal Axe 242
13 Vlammer.png Vlammer 308
15 Petalprod.png Petalprod 399
17 Tentaclax.png Tentaclax 528
19 Sakslapper.png Sakslapper 714
21 Exord.png Exord 988
23 Grumbler.png Grumbler 1393
25 Fursmasher.png Fursmasher 1995
27 Hardcore Stomord.png Hardcore Stomord 2894
29 Karbaxe.png Karbaxe 4242
31 Flungmallet.png Flungmallet 6265
33 Redpoker.png Redpoker 9309
35 * Lonsdaxe.png Lonsdaxe 11910
37 * The Megagong.png The Megagong 17937
  • * Values of Level 35 and 37 are calculated - because the Lonsdaxe.png Lonsdaxe and The Megagong.png The Megagong can only roll legendary.
  • Acceptable Items will have 105.5% DPS of white.
  • Satisfying Items will have 111.0% DPS of white.
  • Excellent Items will have 116.5% DPS of white.
  • Legendary/Ludricous Items will have 122.0% DPS of white.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Every biome has its own creatures. A Creature always appears in 3 levels: Normal , Powerful and Epic. The normal type has 3 sizes : small , medium and big. The powerful type has the size of big and small and the epic one has only 1 size. Total of 6 variations. For Example there is a Wompit (Normal,small,grey color), a Wompit Heifer (Normal, medium, grey color), a Wompit Bull (Normal, Big, Grey color), a Sterling Wompit (Powerful, Small, Black color), a Sterling Wompit Bull (Powerful, Big, Black color) a Womplord (Epic, White color). Creatures sorted by size: Small Normal<Medium Normal<Small Powerful<Big Normal<Big Powerful<Epic. All of creature types have different names. The Epic Creature has the highest damage and Hitpoints.

Every higher Creature is + 2 Levels of the lower variation. However the epic Creature will be +4 Levels of the larger powerful variant. The starting level for the smallest creature is:

Discovering Enemies Level[edit | edit source]


You can see which level the enemy creature is by viewing its font color.

  • Red: 3+ Levels overleveled
  • Orange: 1 or 2 Levels overleveled
  • Yellow: same Level or up to 4 Levels underleveled
  • white: 5 or more Levels underleveled

The Color is orientied on the highest weapon level you ever had equipped. If you have a Level 17 Tentaclax.png Tentaclax equipped for example and crafted a Compressor Workstation the Color will change in this moment when you equip but a Sakslapper.png Sakslapper or another lvl 19 weapon. It won't change if you equip a lower weapon now - the color will still remain as of the values of your highest equipped weapon in this playthrough.

Effects, Outgearing[edit | edit source]

Enemies which are on a lower level than your weapon will receive more Damage by your Hits (+10% from 4 levels on). They are outgeared. Against Enemies on the same level as you you will deal normal damage (maybe up to 10% damage reduction depending on the level). Enemies with a higher level than you (orange) will have a damage reduction of 30% - 40%. The higher the difference is the higher is the reduction. In combination with the doubled HP every 4 Levels / 2 Stages it makes it nearly impossible to beat a creature, which is more than 6 levels above you: nearly 8 times more HP than a creature on your weapon level and damage reduction of 60%.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

A Boss has a defined Level, but it's not as fix as the creatures levels are. They level up with you.

This means, every time you equip the next higher tier of a weapon or Armor the boss will level up with you, too. This just works like the font colors of the creatures change. On Hardcore, where no Schematics are required for a progress till the end the player can even beat the game with level 1 armor equipped - and the bosses won't take hours of fighting.

However there must be a defined Level of each Boss, where the player is able to catch up the Level of a boss, because on Normal or Exploration Difficulty you will be able to outgear bosses. This means you will get a bonus of 25% in maximum damage you can deal to the boss, but you still cannot one-hit them.

Also you can't level down Flux, to make the bosses easier. If you once equipped a Vlammer.png Vlammer, which is on Level 13, all Bosses you face will be on Level 13: even if you only got Level 1 Armor and Weapons equipped.