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Name Type Level/Tier Quality Description CraftedAt Comp0 Comp0Amt Comp1 Comp1Amt Comp2 Comp2Amt Comp3 Comp3Amt B.S. S.S. Assess Lander Teleporter Legendary This tiny ship is what you arrived in. Stick Component Normal You notice that if you run with it, you will put your eye out. Sawgrassaw Tool Tier 1 Random Tier 1 saw. A saw made of sawgrass. This is the mediumest quality saw you've ever seen, but it should let you chop down logtrees and whistleroots! BS SSSS SS5 Stick 4 Sawgrass Blade 10 Sawboard Weapon Level 2 Random Level 2 weapon. This bad boy is 100% certified organic. ORGANICALLY DEADLY. Skinnery Log 15 Sawgrass Blade 16 Sawgrass Leaf 5 Wompit Bone 6 Flatstone Component Normal This stone is so unbelievably flat you could probably barely squeeze a sheet of paper between it and something else. Flatstone Hammer Weapon Level 3 Random Level 3 weapon. A high-tech hammer crafted from the finest of flatstones. Used for pounding things. WITH STYLE! Stoneshaper Log 21 Flatstone 19 Wompit Sinew 4 Logtree Resource Normal This tree appears to be made of logs. You wonder what the people back home would make of this. Wooden Floor Floor Normal It has a nicely polished sheen, and you get splinters when you slide your bare feet along it. So don't do that. Sawmill Log 10 Wooden Wall Structure Normal Forming good relationships is all about putting up walls. Better get to work. Sawmill Log 5 Bumpberry Component Normal This berry is purple, which definitely means it's poisonous. Or maybe that was red. In any case, some color means poisonous. Sawgrass Resource Normal This grass is super sharp and firm, yet flexible. And it tastes somewhat like lightly toasted marshmallows with a smattering of beef. Glutternet Creature Catalyst Superior Glutterflies go crazy for this kind of crap. Embiggens your Glutterfly to POWERFUL SIZE! Stoneshaper Whistleroot Reed 154 Bumpberry 12 Glutterfly Chitin 48 Ancient Glutterfly Essence 5 Sawgrass Blade Component Normal A blade of sawgrass. When you rub your hand across it, you bleed profusely. But when you rub your hand across it a SECOND time, you continue to bleed profusely. Sawgrass Leaf Component Normal A soft, tender leaf from the Sawgrass plant. It feels good to rub your face on it, though it causes rashes. Wompit Sinew Component Normal A tough tendon from the leg of a Wompit. It's stretchy enough that you might be able to tie your hair up with it, if you weren't in a space suit. Log Component Normal A round piece of wood, harvested from the Logtree plant. You've never seen anything like this! Sawdust Component Normal A byproduct from cutting wood. If you stick your hands in the pile, it feels awesome. And it smells great! Sunshroom Consumable Normal These shrooms love to grow in mud, and they taste salty. Restores 149 HP. Sawmill Workstation Normal This workbench with a circular saw will allow you to craft all kinds of wooden masterpieces! BS SSSS SS5 Sawgrass Blade 14 Log 13 Stoneshaper Workstation Normal What a convenient way to shape rocks into other shapes! Skinnery Flatstone 27 Log 29 Wompit Sinew 5 Stone Wall Structure Normal Legends say that the Stone Wall was first invented by a one-gloved man with sweet dance moves. Stoneshaper Flatstone 5 WompHat Helm Level 3 Random Level 3 helm. This will protect your scalp from almost the mightiest of touches. Skinnery Wompit Leather 18 Wompit Bone 11 Logboots Leg Armor Level 1 Random Level 1 boots. They'll keep your feet warm in the cold weather! Well, kinda. Not really. They're wood. Sawmill Log 9 Sawgrass Leaf 3 Logchest Chest Armor Level 1 Random Level 1 chestplate. Cover your bosom with this amazing pile of boards to protect your ribs from slight bruising! Sawmill Log 15 Sawgrass Leaf 5 Woodmitts Gloves Level 1 Random Level 1 gloves. Protect your fat, sausagey fingers WITH THE POWER OF WOOD! Sawmill Log 12 Stick 6 Hydrablade Woodshankers Gloves Level 3 Legendary Level 3 legendary gloves. Don't scratch your nose with these bad boys on. Sawmill Log 52 The Hydrablade 1 Sawgrass Leaf 18 Baconband Trinket Normal Now you can enjoy the sweet scent of baconweed ALL THE TIME! Grants 0.25% HP regeneration every second! Skinnery Baconweed 16 Wompit Sinew 14 Loghat Helm Level 1 Random Level 1 helm. I'M THE KING OF THE WOOD! Sawmill Log 11 Stick 5 Sawdust 4 Baconweed Consumable Normal These pretty flowers have a tantalizing aroma. Restores 81 HP. Logtree Seed Seed Good Under the right conditions, this will grow into a majestic Logtree over time. Sawgrass Seed Seed Good If planted in the right type of soil, this will sprout into a lovely Sawgrass plant. Flatboulder Resource Normal This looks heavy. Turns out, it is. Flatstone Gravel Component Normal This will be incredibly useful for whatever you might use an ordinary pile of small rocks for. Pickaxe Tool Tier 1 Random Tier 1 pickaxe. This pickaxe will break through even the toughest of Flatstone Boulders! Or at least the weakest ones. Skinnery Stick 9 Wompit Bone 8 Wompit Sinew 3 Sawgrass Sword Weapon Level 1 Random Level 1 weapon. A sword made of grass. This will end well for you. Sawmill Log 18 Sawgrass Blade 20 Stonahawk Weapon Level 5 Random Level 5 weapon. You once read about this in a National Geographic. It seems effective. Chemworks Glutterfly Chitin 13 Flatstone 30 Wompit Bone Component Normal It can handle a lot of stress and weight, but it can't handle criticism. Flatstone Floor Floor Normal A resilient flooring for those with finer taste. Stoneshaper Flatstone 10 Golden Chest Chest Good Made of the finest-quality, gold-colored something-or-other. Probably needs a key to open! Elixir of Scorching Consumable Good Pouring this along the murdery part of your weapon makes it RED-HOT! 3% chance to set enemies on fire upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Cauldron Grenamel 2 Satgat Chemoreceptors 1 Plonktan 1 Sensitive Satgat Essence 1 Mild HP Potion Consumable Good Chugging one of these will make you feel as calm as a summer breeze. Restores 453 HP. Hearth Log 3 Baconweed 3 Warp Beacon Teleporter Good Placing this beacon on the ground will allow you to warp to it from your map if you are within range. Telepad Teleporter Epic Hewgodooko left this lying around. What an idiot! Whistleroot Resource Normal This plant makes hilarious squealing noises as the wind blows through it. Each plant makes a unique pitch! Whistle Borer Component Normal This termite-like creature is attracted to the sounds of Whistleroot plants. Its jaws are razor-sharp, but it refuses to bite you. Whistleroot Reed Component Normal This reed is long and hollow. It's very resistant to bending, but it's not resistant to your charm and good looks. What up, reed? Glidopus Siphon Component Normal It's strong and rubbery, like an old garden hose. Or maybe like a new one, if it were a strong and rubbery new one. Glidopus Ink Component Normal Glidopi keep their ink in glass bottles for safety. A gasoline-like aroma fills the air when you pop the cork. Gravestone Structure Normal Resurrect In Peace. Wompit Toenail Component Normal This toenail is tough and rough. It also tastes pretty bad, but in a good kind of way. Intact Wompit Heart Component Normal The heart continues pumping long after it has been torn from its host. Interesting and morbid! Wompit Leather Component Normal You've managed to kill a wompit and steal its skin. Hopefully you have a good reason for this kind of rude behavior. Wooden Chair Furniture Normal If you had knees, this would be a good place to sit. But still... nice to look at. Sawmill Stick 6 Log 13 Wooden Table Furniture Normal Tables: you can put things on them, so long as you use a coaster. Sawmill Stick 6 Log 13 Old Man Statue Furniture Normal His majestic moustache is sure to bring good fortune to anyone who strokes it gently. Sawmill Log 25 Basic Glue Component Good It's sticky, like glue should be. Skinnery Sawdust 1 Wompit Toenail 1 Chemworks Workstation Normal It takes a lot of chemicals to work with all these crazy materials. This should do the trick! Stoneshaper Intact Wompit Heart 2 Wompit Leather 16 Glutterfly Chitin 9 Bumpberry 3 Glutterfly Chitin Component Normal It's extremely tough and hard to pronounce. But it catches the light in a really awesome way! Glorch Lighting Normal It's about time you went green with your lighting. Sawmill Log 5 Glow Juice 2 Glow Juice Component Normal It seems to glow brighter in higher densities. Poking your finger into it burns and tingles at the same time. Wompvest Chest Armor Level 3 Random Level 3 chestplate. If you plan to run a marathon, be sure to bring tape. Skinnery Wompit Leather 11 Sawgrass Leaf 6 Wompit Sinew 3 Wompants Leg Armor Level 3 Random Level 3 boots. These leggings really show off your better features. Skinnery Wompit Leather 10 Wompit Toenail 1 Wompigloves Gloves Level 3 Random Level 3 gloves. Nothing warms your hands up like the skin of animals! Skinnery Wompit Leather 13 Sawgrass Leaf 7 Gunpowda Component Good This would be even more useful if you had a gun. Chemworks Glidopus Ink 1 Sawdust 1 Gravelbomb Bomb Normal This bomb packs quite a punch. A PUNCH IN THE NECK! Deals 200% of your DPS as physical damage. Chemworks Gunpowda 3 Flatstone Gravel 3 Wompit Leather 3 Sawgrass Seedbomb Bomb Normal Nothing's sharper than sawgrass... except maybe a sawgrass seed flying into your eye. Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Chemworks Sawgrass Seed 3 Sawgrass Leaf 3 Glidopus Ink 3 Logtree Seedbomb Bomb Normal Why plant seeds in the ground when you can plant them in FACES? Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Chemworks Logtree Seed 3 Log 3 Glidopus Ink 3 Hearth Workstation Normal It's warm and delightful. If only you had some hot cocoa to dip your toes into. Stoneshaper Flatstone 29 Flatstone Gravel 7 Log 31 Harvestbomb Bomb Good Chop down sawgrass, logtrees, and whistleroot. WITH THE POWER OF VIOLENCE! Breaks apart Sawgrass, Logtrees, and Whistleroots! BS SSSS SS5 Sawgrass Blade 3 Whistleroot Reed 3 Wooden Poledoor Structure Normal Doors make better doors than walls. Sawmill Log 2 Thatched Sawfloor Floor Normal Floors prevent wild creatures from randomly popping up in your house, and can also be used as bridges! BS SSSS SS5 Sawgrass Blade 10 Stone Creature Bed Creature Stable Good Provide all the creature comforts your creatures deserve. Comes with a name tag! Stoneshaper Sawgrass Leaf 5 Flatstone 12 Yellow Gem 2 Water Pump Workstation Normal This pump will produce an endless supply of water balloons when placed in Savanna water. Chemworks Flatstone 30 Intact Wompit Heart 3 Glidopus Siphon 26 Water Balloon Component Good It squeaks annoyingly when you rub your hands all over it. Water Pump Glidopus Siphon 3 Sawgrass Blade 3 Gem Lamp Lighting Normal Only the most fashionable and wealthy survivors can afford the luxury of Gem Lamps. Stoneshaper Flatstone 8 Yellow Gem 1 Yellow Gem Component Normal If you hold it up to your eye and squint really hard, you become self conscious and immediately stop. Wompit Garter Creature Catalyst Superior Wompits love wearing decorative garters on their slender legs. Embiggens your Wompit to POWERFUL SIZE! Skinnery Flatstone 149 Wompit Leather 107 Sterling Wompit Essence 12 Stunning Mirror Device Good Temporarily stun your opponents for 2 seconds by hitting them directly in the face with this fashionable mirror! Stoneshaper Flatstone 68 Yellow Gem 9 Basic Glue 5 Elixir of Fireproofing Consumable Good OH GOD IT'S SO COLD WHY IS IT SO COLD GET IT AWAY. Reduces fire damage taken by 15%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Cauldron Sagtatoe 1 Clossom 1 Throak Jelly 1 Malicious Throak Essence 1 Leather Ball Throwable Normal Playing with leathery balls has been a pastime of your people for millennia. Why break with tradition? Skinnery Wompit Leather 10 Basic Glue 2 Safety Gogs Trinket Superior Supreme suction elongates the optical nerve, allowing you to crit like a champ! Increases critical strike chance by 10%! Chemworks Glidopus Ink 71 Basic Glue 5 Water Balloon 42 Blo-Pipe Device Good A hefty suck'n'blow will get you to where you want to go! Assuming where you want to go is POISONING YOUR ENEMIES FOR 100% OF YOUR DPS! Chemworks Whistleroot Reed 93 Sawgrass Leaf 26 Bumpberry 8 Scarecrow Furniture Normal Unfortunately there are no crows on this planet, so this item is probably useless. Still, it looks totally rad. Skinnery Intact Wompit Heart 1 Sawgrass Blade 12 Sawgrass Leaf 4 Stick 5 Chelm Helm Level 5 Random Level 5 helm. Like a helmet, but with a little more pizazz. Stoneshaper Glutterfly Chitin 7 Flatstone 17 Yellow Gem 3 Charmor Chest Armor Level 5 Random Level 5 chestplate. Big shoulders make you more impressive in meetings and on the go. Stoneshaper Glutterfly Chitin 10 Flatstone 23 Choots Leg Armor Level 5 Random Level 5 boots. Somehow you feel your knitting recipe flew off the rails. Stoneshaper Glutterfly Chitin 6 Flatstone 15 Chittens Gloves Level 5 Random Level 5 gloves. Solid as the carapace of a dead bug and with extra gripping strength to match. Stoneshaper Glutterfly Chitin 8 Flatstone 19 Walker Blossom Component Normal This fragrant blossom can be picked from walkerroots. When shoved into your eye, it burns immensely. Walkerroot Resource Good These plants look like they're trying to escape, but they're not fooling anyone. Blastique Component Good This initially soft substance becomes extremely hard over time. Chemworks Walker Blossom 1 Glidopus Ink 1 Glidopus Beak Component Normal Glidopi hide their beaks deep within their stomachs, or something. Honestly, the purpose of this thing is a mystery. Blastique Saw Tool Tier 2 Normal Tier 2 saw. The serrated Blastique edges of this saw will tear through Squee plants like a knife through something soft and buttery! Chemworks Blastique 3 Flatstone 15 Sawgrassaw 1 Water Balloon 8 Dusk Crystal Resource Good This crystal looks totally awesome, and tastes salty sweet. It's possible that it's made of sugar. Or salt. They look very similar. Dusk Shard Component Normal A perfect shard of a dusk crystal. It has the majestic aura of a skateboarding dog. Dusk Dust Component Good This is the byproduct of your weak attempts at harvesting dusk shards. If you suck it into your nose, it makes your pupils dilate. Squee Resource Normal Slapping it creates a hollow drum sound. With enough of these, you could form a genuine hippie commune. Squee Husk Component Normal The beautiful, yet oddly rigid, husk of a Squee plant. Rubbing your fingers over it produces a pleasing sensation. Maybe a little too pleasing... Squee Barrel Component Normal When you squeeze it, a milky substance comes out. When you lick the milky substance, you are filled with regret. Giant Fossilized Skull Component Legendary The tusks on this skull indicate that the beast it once belonged to had tusks. Giant Fossilized Femur Component Normal You wonder what this leg bone would have been connected to. Probably something giant. Mild Speed Potion Consumable Good This will go STRAIGHT to your thighs. Hearth Log 3 Whistle Borer 3 Crystal Flare Torch Good In the darkest of times, this ornate device will keep your surroundings illuminated. In the brightest of times, it's completely useless. Potted Baconweed Potted Plant Normal Legend says if you leave a potted baconweed by your back step, the baconweed fairy will steal your teeth. But that's silly... isn't it? Sawmill Log 5 Baconweed 1 Wompit Milk Component Good With the right attitude, you can milk just about anything. This comes from a domesticated Wompit! Wompit Sawgrass Blade 2 Sawgrass Leaf 1 Glutterfly Wingdust Component Good Carefully harvested from the furiously flapping wings of a domesticated Glutterfly. The dust gets all over everything and is very hard to get out. Glutterfly Bumpberry 1 Baconweed 2 Tartil Pitch Component Normal A sticky ball of Tartil chunks. It tastes slightly of almonds and sweetened condensed milk. Slightly buttery. Would definitely make a great pound cake. Tartil Tongue Component Normal It's covered with bumps that ooze a putrid substance when popped. Still, as with bubble wrap, it's hard to resist. Petrified Amber Component Normal These ancient amber chunks are found in the bodies of Tartils. You can see tiny bugs trapped inside. Stone Table Furniture Normal Show your dinner guests your hard side with this solid stone table. Stoneshaper Flatstone 40 Stone Stool Furniture Normal It's a bit firm to sit on, but oddly comfortable for very short periods of time. Stoneshaper Flatstone 40 Squee Seed Seed Good With enough love and care, you can cultivate your very own Squee garden! Squocoon Component Normal This cocoon was found inside a Squee plant. It jiggles and bounces to the sound of music. Straddlebark Component Good This plant has no roots, but the bottom is extremely sticky and hard to detach from things once it latches on. Gassak Resource Normal This pungent-smelling plant grows in patches. It produces bags of a strange gas. Night Glotus Resource Normal Every day it grows a new batch of glowing berries, and it opens up at night. The berries are so glowy that they're visible from space! Bulbi Component Normal A small and fragile plant with a single bulb. Even though it's just a plant, it seems terrified of everything. Gassak Gas Sack Component Normal Picked from a Gassak plant, this bubbly sack smells strongly of methane. Glotus Berries Component Normal These bioluminescent berries are warm to the touch and emit a deep humming sound. Gassak Doublesack Component Good Two gassak sacks fused together, presumably at the hip. They're inseparable. Gassakmeister Component Superior This little bug seems to feed on the gas produced inside Gassak Gas Sacks. It looks sad that you have destroyed its home and family. Tartil Firedamp Component Good This extremely volatile compound is produced in the belly of a domesticated Tartil. It must be extracted very carefully. Tartil Gassak Doublesack 1 Bulbi 1 Giant Fossilized Femur 2 Glidopus Larva Component Good If you treat a domesticated Glidopus well, it will give you its firstborn. And every born after that. Glidopus Whistleroot Reed 2 Sunshroom 1 Wat Wing Component Normal Wat kind of a wing, is this? Yes, it is a Wat kind of a wing. It never stops vibrating. Wat. Watfinger Component Normal The fingers of a Wat are renowned for their deliciousness when fried in butter and chocolate. They're also great for flicking things in the eye! Wat Fur Tuft Component Normal You've carefully extracted this fur from the face of a Wat by stabbing it to death. It better be worth it! Wuano Component Good This appears to be poop from a domesticated Wat. It is gross. You are gross. Wat Glotus Berries 2 Straddlebark 1 Squathe Workstation Normal This workstation can handle all kinds of abuse! And it spins! Chemworks Squee Husk 24 Blastique 5 Water Balloon 15 Squest Chest Armor Level 7 Random Level 7 chestplate. Sometimes you feel like a stud. This is one of those times. Squathe Squee Husk 10 Squee Barrel 4 Whistleroot Reed 17 Blastique 3 Squittens Gloves Level 7 Random Level 7 gloves. The palms are covered with a super sticky gripping surface. Squathe Squee Husk 11 Squee Barrel 4 Glidopus Siphon 12 Squaps Leg Armor Level 7 Random Level 7 boots. They're so tight you can see your rippling calves through the material. Squathe Blastique 3 Glidopus Siphon 14 Squask Helm Level 7 Random Level 7 helm. This complete covering will keep your head jelly intact. Squathe Blastique 4 Squee Husk 15 Squee Barrel 5 Squee Flooring Floor Normal Super absorbant and pleasing to the touch, Squee flooring can make a house out of even the dankest of dungeons! Squathe Squee Barrel 10 SqueeBop Weapon Level 7 Random Level 7 weapon. Filling Squee barrels with Blastique makes for an incredibly unwieldy hammer. Fortunately, that's just your style. Squathe Squee Husk 17 Squee Barrel 6 Blastique 4 Savanna Fishing Resource Normal This flurry of fish is easily frightened. Basic Fishing Pole Tool Tier 1 Normal Tier 1 fishing pole. Tempt fish into the clutches of your shiny, deadly hook! Squathe Squocoon 2 Petrified Amber 8 Stick 10 Deviltailed Slapper Component Normal It seems to be giving you the evil eye. Fatheaded Slurper Consumable Normal Its head is jiggly and full of some kind of squishy substance. It looks concerned about this. Restores 436 HP. Pond Shoot Component Normal Just a regular old piece of alien seaweed. It's extremely fibrous and tough. Ball Snail Component Normal It has one slimy appendage that occasionally pokes out from its shell to probe things... And it smells like potpourri. Thatched Wall Structure Normal Perfect for keeping the baddies away! BS SSSS SS5 Sawgrass Blade 5 Stick 5 Wobblygong Weapon Level 11 Epic Level 11 weapon. It's not happy about being caught, but you might as well beat things with it. Kibweed Component Normal The local creatures are fascinated by this little plant. Nitro Component Good This compound burns your hand when you touch it. It also explodes when you touch it. Basically, don't touch it. Chemworks Flatstone 1 Gassak Gas Sack 1 Wompit Milk 1 Glidopus Love Balloon Creature Catalyst Superior This perfect replica of a Glidopus should easily trick any reasonable Glidopus. Embiggens your Glidopus to POWERFUL SIZE! Chemworks Glidopus Ink 106 Water Balloon 62 Bulbi 11 Verdant Glidopus Essence 13 Tartil Barrel Creature Catalyst Superior This barrel is JUUUUST big enough to impress a Tartil of any size. Embiggens your Tartil to POWERFUL SIZE! Fishiminea Squee Barrel 37 Tartil Tongue 15 Glotus Berries 34 Filthy Tartil Essence 11 Sea Rope Component Good With the power of weeds, you can tether anything to anything! Fishiminea Pond Shoot 1 Tartil Pitch 1 Pearl Scale Component Good Tough as snails and extremely shiny. You can think of some attractive people back home who wouldn't mind having some of this. Fishiminea Ball Snail 1 Glotus Berries 1 Firecracker Bomb Normal Set everyone and everything on fire! Why? SHUT UP! Deals 200% of your DPS as a mixture of fire and physical damage. Squathe Gassak Gas Sack 3 Squee Barrel 3 Poison Bomb Bomb Normal Nothing like the smell of putrid, deadly gases to get you under your desk in the morning. Deals 250% of your DPS as a mixture of poison and physical damage. Fishiminea Glutterfly Wingdust 3 Fatheaded Slurper 3 Squee Husk 3 Davy Lamp Trinket Level 7 Superior With this beautiful, ornate lamp at your side, you suddenly feel less afraid of fire. Grants +20% fire resistance. Fishiminea Pearl Scale 10 Tartil Firedamp 4 Yellow Gem 13 Flamethrower Device Superior There's nothing quite like the smell of burning in the any time of day or night. Deals 100% of your DPS as fire damage in an area. Fishiminea Nitro 3 Tartil Firedamp 4 Petrified Amber 34 Stony Antidote Consumable Good It tastes of cashews. Also cleanses 1,378 poison from your body. Hearth Flatstone 3 Walker Blossom 3 Stony Burn Salve Consumable Good Rub this bad boy all over your tender skin! It'll clear up 1,378 burn damage. Hearth Flatstone 3 Gassak Gas Sack 3 Elixir of Luminescence Consumable Good Rubbing this into your fleshy bod gives it a healthy glow! Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Flatstone 6 Glotus Berries 2 Glow Juice 2 Ancient Glutterfly Essence 1 Fish Food Seed Good Placing this delicious treat in Savanna water will attract a new school of fish! Fishiminea Gassakmeister 1 Pond Shoot 3 Glidopus Larva 1 Stony Health Potion Consumable Good Made from the finest fatheads, this potion will cure what ails you, so long as what ails you is near-death. Restores 638 HP. Hearth Flatstone 3 Fatheaded Slurper 3 Pearlscale Sword Weapon Level 9 Random Level 9 weapon. Its hooked shape is inspired by its origins! Fishiminea Pearl Scale 3 Sea Rope 2 Tartil Tongue 3 Pearlhat Helm Level 9 Random Level 9 helm. Pointy, tough, and royal as F... fish. Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Tartil Tongue 2 Petrified Amber 6 Sea Rope 2 Pearlpants Leg Armor Level 9 Random Level 9 boots. Their shiny sheen really brings out the definition in your thighs. Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Tartil Tongue 2 Petrified Amber 5 Pearlgloves Gloves Level 9 Random Level 9 gloves. Your hands have never been so scaly. Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Pond Shoot 2 Sea Rope 2 Pearlplate Chest Armor Level 9 Random Level 9 chestplate. It protects your sternum from pokes, and it looks fabulous, too! Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Tartil Tongue 2 Petrified Amber 5 Sea Rope 2 The Butterfly Weapon Level 11 Legendary Level 11 legendary weapon. A lot of time, love, blood, sweat, and amber went into this. WORTH IT. Fishiminea Oddly Shaped Crystal 1 Nitro 3 Blastique 16 Wooden Chest Chest Normal WOOD CHEST IS GOOD CHEST. Stone Bed Furniture Normal A fine place for a quick snooze. Legends say that while you're asleep, all of your health is restored. Stoneshaper Flatstone 20 Sawgrass Leaf 8 Zug Shell Component Normal It seems you can carefully pry the tough, outer shell off a Zug by stabbing it or beating it to death. SCIENCEY! Zug Sparkplug Component Normal When Zuglings are approaching maturity, they build their own sparkplugs by hand, and then surgically insert them into their own shells. It's a cultural rite of passage type thing. You wouldn't understand. Zug Kneecap Component Normal Zugs have incredibly sophisticated kneecaps, rivaling the technology of a whole bunch of other stuff, like human kneecaps. Charged Zug Molt Component Good When a domesticated Zug is overfed, it has to shed its skin. It shocks you every time you touch it! Zug Fatheaded Slurper 2 Dusk Dust 1 Shellfinger Pick Tool Tier 2 Normal Tier 2 pickaxe. Jamming a Wat finger into a Zug shell seemed like a good idea at the time. AND IT STILL DOES! This thing can break through Dusk crystals! Fishiminea Watfinger 2 Zug Shell 16 Pickaxe 1 Pearl Scale 2 Crystal Kiln Workstation Normal Dusk Crystals can withstand a tremendous amount of heat, which makes them perfect for CONTAINING TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF HEAT! Fishiminea Dusk Shard 5 Nitro 1 Zug Shell 24 Wat Wing 8 Dusk Prism Component Good When hammered into a triangular shape and infused with the souls of Glidopus babies, Dusk Crystals sure make one heck of a prism! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 1 Glidopus Larva 1 ZuglaBall Creature Catalyst Superior Zugs are attracted by the allure of anything electrical. This Tesla ball is sure to impress! Embiggens your Zug to POWERFUL SIZE! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 26 Zug Sparkplug 17 Zug Lug Essence 13 Zug Kneecap 74 Wat Bat Creature Catalyst Superior Wats are renowned for their love of sports! Embiggens your Wat to POWERFUL SIZE! Crystal Kiln Wat Wing 43 GrandWat Essence 8 Watfinger 15 Dusk Dust 9 Dusk Seed Seed Good By combining a Dusk crystal with some other odds and ends, you've been able to seed the growth of a Dusk Crystal formation! Crystal Kiln Dusk Dust 1 Water Balloon 1 Writable Sign Sign Normal A sign you can write on! With this, you can label areas on your map. IT'S REVOLUTIONARY! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 1 Glotus Berries 1 Elixir of Bulging Biceps Consumable Good Everybody knows that the bigger your biceps, the harder you hit stuff. Improves damage dealt by 5%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Cauldron Sagtatoe 1 Blood Louse 1 Vampry 1 Burnt Snorble Essence 1 Crystal Floor Floor Normal It's one of the toughest and rarest materials in the Savanna. So... what better way to use a Dusk Crystal than to WALK ALL OVER IT? Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 10 Crystal Axe Weapon Level 11 Random Level 11 weapon. Dusk Crystals are extremely sharp when broken up into pieces. Makes for a great STAB! Crystal Kiln Zug Shell 22 Dusk Shard 5 Wat Fur Tuft 13 Duskhelm Helm Level 11 Random Level 11 helm. The sparkplugs energize your brain and help you to think more clearly! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Zug Sparkplug 2 Wat Fur Tuft 9 Charged Zug Molt 1 Duskjacket Chest Armor Level 11 Random Level 11 chestplate. The crystal creates a nice, reflective surface that really accentuates your curves. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Zug Shell 14 Straddlebark 1 Wat Fur Tuft 8 Duskpants Leg Armor Level 11 Random Level 11 pants. They're pretty stiff, but you figure you'll make it work. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Zug Kneecap 6 Wat Fur Tuft 7 Duskmitts Gloves Level 11 Random Level 11 gloves. The extra layer of Wat fur really helps keep your sensitive elbows warm! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Wat Wing 5 Wat Fur Tuft 9 Crystal Wall Structure Normal These crystalline walls are very... ACOUSTIC. You can hear your own voice echoing back when you're near them. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 5 Crystal Door Structure Normal Square doors make for a better seal, but KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR SHINS. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 2 Potted Kibweed Potted Plant Normal It's always good to maintain a self-replenishing stock of Kibweed to keep your creatures happy. Stoneshaper Kibweed 1 Log 8 Potted Sunshroom Potted Plant Normal Be sure to keep it in a shady place! Ah, who am I kidding? There is no shade on this planet. Put it wherever you want. Stoneshaper Sunshroom 3 Flatstone 8 Potted Bulbi Potted Plant Normal It's always good to keep a stockpile of Bulbi around. You know... for medicinal purposes. Crystal Kiln Bulbi 1 Dusk Shard 2 Glorb Trinket Good You can take it as well as you can dish it out! Provides 5% chance to poison enemies and 5% poison resistance. Chemworks Log 58 Glow Juice 16 Glutterfly Wingdust 3 Water Balloon 27 Anger Omelet Creature Food Normal Your pets will love the spicy deliciousness so much, they'll go into a murderous rampage! 50% pet damage boost for 3 minutes. Hearth Bumpberry 1 Kibweed 1 Sterling Wompit Essence 1 Potted Bumpberry Potted Plant Normal Bumpberries are pretty rare. It'd be a good idea to keep a few pots of them around! Stoneshaper Bumpberry 1 Flatstone 8 Blegh Resource Normal The pods grown on this fork-shaped plant are full of an aromatic goo that burns like crazy when you rub it all over yourself. Artree Resource Normal Although it looks like a plant, the Artree is definitely connected to the vascular system of the Bawg. Clossom Consumable Normal Some kind of hybrid between a living claw and an Agave-like plant, this taco-meat-flavored organism may very well restore 1,560 HP. Thrombyte Resource Normal This large blister is JAM-PACKED full of a succulent fluid! It'll take a lot of vigorous pumping to get it all out. Pyn Consumable Normal This parasitic creature feeds on the life force of the Bawg. TIME FOR PAYBACK! Restores 2,234 HP when eaten. Bloo Component Normal Whenever you stand near a Jollychomp with one of these tick-like creatures in hand, the Jollychomp seems very interested. Bone Spur Resource Normal These spurs appear to be quite painful to the Bawg. You'd be doing it a favor by removing them. Nurva Resource Normal Nurva are the dendrites of neurons that have somehow managed to protrude from the flesh of the Bawg. They crackle with electricity! Bawg Hair Resource Normal Just a regular, ordinary, person-sized strand of hair. Tuber Resource Normal These plants grow deep within the tissue of the Bawg. In many ways, they're a lot like potatoes. In many other ways, they're absolutely nothing like potatoes. Pikkaye Resource Normal This fingery creature/plant repeatedly grows bulbous red pustules that taste a bit like cherries. It flinches when you pick them. Giantbone Helm Helm Level 12 Legendary Level 12 Helm. After painstakingly finding the sturdiest giant skull around, you've assembled what many would consider to be... a fantastic hat. Fishiminea Giant Fossilized Skull 1 Tartil Firedamp 4 Pearl Scale 10 Splinter Resource Normal This large fragment of matter can be found firmly lodged in the flesh of the Bawg. Removing splinters seems to make the Bawg very happy. Tusker Consumable Normal This little growth is absolutely bursting with fruity flavors. MMMMM! Restores 591 HP. Jollychomp Resource Normal These smiley little guys like to hang out in groups, and they're always hungry. If you feed them, they give you something in return! Satgat Exoskeleton Component Normal After being forcibly removed from a Satgat's body, the exoskeleton glows for a while and makes loud humming noises. It makes you very uncomfortable. Satgat Chemoreceptors Component Good If you touch both ends of it to your tongue, it shocks you. But it tastes really good, so it's probably worth it. Satgat Silk Component Good Harvested from the silkparts of a domesticated Satgat. It's so ridiculously soft, you could probably make a very expensive pair of underpants from it! Satgat Vampry 1 Sagtatoe 1 Snorble Skin 2 Satgat Flesh Component Normal Although Satgats have very hard shells, their flesh is soft and tender. Like a clam, only more adorable. Snorble Airsak Component Normal When you squeeze it, it lets out a dramatically loud, fart-like sound. This would work well for pranks, if you weren't the only human on this entire planet. Snorble Mucusak Component Good Snorbles use these as a form of currency. If you treat a domesticated Snorble well, it might give you one! Snorble Extracted Tuber 1 Thrombyte Fibrin 2 Snorble Skin Component Normal It's really rough on one side, but on the other side it's gross and wet. This is bit of a no-win situation, really. Snorble Uvula Component Normal The Snorble's uvula is a very delicate thing, because it contains the Snorble's third brain stem. It shies away from you when you try to poke it with a stick. Throak Fluoros Component Normal This sticky substance is extremely smelly, and it would probably kill you if you covered yourself with it and set yourself on fire. Throak Jelly Component Good This ball of goo was extracted from the body of a domesticated Throak. It wobbles perpetually without stopping! Throak Bleghpod 1 Myelar 2 Throak Nematocyte Component Normal This enlarged cell body contains a huge volume of chemicals that can be used to freeze things, slowing them down tremendously. If you lick it, your tongue freezes to it. Throak Polyp Component Normal This seems to be the baby version of a Throak. It's not very adorable. Throak Tentacle Component Normal It seems to stay alive even when separated from the Throak's body. It's almost as if it's an entirely separate creature. Jolly Gastrolith Component Normal Jollychomps eat these hard stones and use them to grind up whatever they eat. They even use the stones to somehow convert food into other useful materials! Jolly Fulmar Component Normal Jollies are capable of spitting these balls of sticky, disgusting goo at predators to keep them away. It rarely works. Jollybab Seed Good This tiny Jollychomp appears to be a baby. They must somehow lose their eyes when they reach adulthood. This makes no sense, but it must work for them. Jolly Component Normal This tasty treat is belched out of the mouth of a Jollychomp under the right conditions. It smells and tastes fruity-licious! Thrombyte Fibrin Component Good Powering up your Thrombopump with a few components from the Bawg allows you to extract these tough fibers. Salty! Thrombopump Bloo 3 Vlap 3 Extracted Tuber Component Good This little creature grows out of the enlarged pores of the Bawg. It doesn't seem happy to be removed from its home, but you obviously don't care. Luminalgae Component Good This plant-like organism somehow thrives in the acidic pools of the Bawg. It turns the acid into a bioluminescent glow, which it uses to lure in unsuspecting Plonktans to eat. Coral Tubes Component Good Tiny creatures are living inside these tubes. They don't like being out of the Bawg's acid, but you don't really care. Skeletonized Fathead Consumable Normal The acid of the Bawg has purified the healing essence of this Fathead. Restores 2,234 HP! Vampry Component Good Vampries attach themselves onto anything that dips its toe into the water. Their barbed teeth make them very difficult to pry off. Fortunately, they're ticklish. Plonktan Component Superior This enormous tiny sea creature just floats around and gets eaten by things. It has a very stupid life. Nurvaxon Component Normal The long, slender axon of a Nurva. It conducts electricity really well, but it's terrible at baking cakes. Dendrite Spine Component Normal This projection of a Nurva is used to poke the eyes of things that wander nearby. As you look closer at it, it pokes you in the eye. You're not sure what you expected. Myelar Component Normal This styrofoam-like tissue can be ripped from Nurvas, and it makes for great electrical insulation! Nurva Seed Seed Good This little pod can be jammed into the flesh of the Bawg to grow new Nurva. It's odd when you think about it, so you stop thinking about it. Jackagong Weapon Level 21 Epic Level 21 Axe. You aren't sure which end to hold this thing by. It's pretty pointy no matter how you approach it. Bamstache Component Normal The legendary moustache of a Bamli. When you peer into it, you can see your own soul reflected back at you. Bamli Horn Component Normal You removed this horn forcibly from a Bamli's head. It was pretty horrifying. You're a monster. Bamli Flightbladder Component Normal To aid in flight, the Bamli inflates its Flightbladder with absolutely nothing. Once the bladder is inflated, the Bamli becomes buoyant in the air and soars like a majestic eagle. Painsulin Component Good The domesticated Bamli produces an excessive amount of this hormone. It's unclear what it's for. Bamli Spur Gum 1 Pyn 3 Vompole Component Normal An unexploded Vomma baby. It adorably tries to tear your arm off whenever you pet it. Babies are so cute. Vlap Component Normal Vomma are covered with these fleshy flaps. Their primary purpose seems to be for decoration. Lady Vommas love a man with big flaps. Boba Component Good Domesticated Vomma produce these tasty balls of gelatin on a regular basis. They remind you a lot of tapioka. Vomma Bloo 2 Tusker 1 Vomma Babymaker Component Normal This is where Vomma babies are made. You're not sure why you felt compelled to pick it up and carry it around. Bawg Fishing Resource Normal Something is moving around under all that acid... Blube Component Normal This tube carries a blue liquid around inside the Bawg. It's really stretchy and rubbery. You could probably whip something really hard with it! Blood Louse Component Good This little guy latches onto Blubes and drinks the blood of the Bawg. It's pretty gross, but he doesn't seem too concerned. Sagtatoe Component Normal Plucked from the branches of an Artree, this potato-shaped saggy sack seems to be full of fat. Artree Seed Seed Good By plunging this into the Bawg's flesh, you can foster the growth of new Artrees. Which you can then stab repeatedly with sharp tools. Bleghpod Component Normal After prying this from the clutches of a vicious Blegh, you are able to examine it up-close. You have concluded that it is bumpy. Hairbark Component Normal Much like the bark of a tree, the bark of the Bawg's gigantic hairs is tough and dry. It appears to be flammable, but it would probably smell terrible to burn it. Split End Component Normal The Bawg has apparently never heard of conditioner. Ayeayes Component Normal This was given to you by a friendly Pikkaye. Yes, that's right. Given. Hair Louse Component Normal This thing was burrowed deep inside a giant hair. It makes you feel itchy just looking at it. Spur Gold Component Good Somehow, those giant spurs sticking out of the Bawg are able to develop gold chunks inside of them. You should investigate this further, for science. Grenamel Component Normal You were able to break this off of a spur. It's a very tough, shell-like thing, and it's super shiny. It would look cool to have a car made of this. Spur Gum Component Normal You managed to tear this off the foundation of a Spur before you destroyed it. Kind of like a dentist. Wojack Cilia Component Normal This must be how the Wojacks get around underground. It won't stop wiggling around. Wojack Cornea Component Normal Although Wojacks spend a lot of time undergound, they appear to have very sophisticated eyeballs. Wojack Petal Component Normal Is it a tooth, claw, horn, or flower petal? The world may never know. But it smells delightful. Wojack Spice Component Good This came out of a domesticated Wojacks's... spice... organ. When you sniff it, your eyes change color. Wojack Bloo 2 Bleghpod 1 Wojack Sucker Component Normal The severed arm of a Wojack. It wasn't really using it, anyway. Dusk Trowel Tool Tier 1 Normal Tier 1 trowel. This trowel should come in handy for POPPING plants and stubborn organisms out of the ground! And that's about it. It's a trowel, what do you want? Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 5 Vlap 20 Wat Fur Tuft 13 Clikkax Tool Tier 3 Normal Tier 3 pickaxe. This pickaxe is insanely sturdy, for being made out of tentacles and plants! Bioloom Clossom 2 Throak Tentacle 19 Shellfinger Pick 1 Myelar 17 Sawstache Tool Tier 4 Normal Tier 4 saw. The moustache of a Bamli is so rugged and manly that you can cut down Bonespurs and Hairbark with it! And lots of other stuff, too! Centrifuge Bamli Horn 32 Bamstache 8 Thrombyte Fibrin 5 Jacksaw 1 Exopole Tool Tier 2 Normal Tier 2 fishing pole. This pole is made of the most resilient materials of the Bawg, so it should DEFINITELY be able to stand up to a little bit of acid. Compressor Ayeayes 8 Blube 9 Basic Fishing Pole 1 Satgat Exoskeleton 12 Jacksaw Tool Tier 3 Normal Tier 3 saw. The flora of the Bawg seem very resilient to your masterfully crafted Blastique saw, but this puppy should do the trick. Jollyscope Blastique Saw 1 Splinter 12 Wojack Sucker 10 Jolly 8 Waterbomb Bomb Normal By jamming a reed into a water balloon, you're now able to fling it with TREMENDOUS FORCE onto your seeds! Seeds love that kinda stuff, right? Water Pump Whistleroot Reed 3 Water Balloon 3 Ship Door Structure Normal It's a door from your ship! Ship Wall Structure Normal It's a wall from your ship! Broken Console Structure Normal This communications console has broken down and is now VERY DANGEROUS! Space Wrench Device Normal This is great for clearing broken ship parts, and for stunning creatures at a distance! Broken Ship Door Structure Normal This door has broken down, and it's now shooting electricity everywhere! Damaged Ship Wall Structure Normal A wall from your ship. It has been heavily damaged. The G-Gnome Furniture Normal He seems to be staring into your soul with his cold, lifeless eyes. Ship Lanturn Lighting Normal This keeps your ship illuminated! Ship Engine Structure Normal The engines that power the B.S. S.S. Assess. Vlammer Weapon Level 13 Random Level 13 Hammer. When combined with the power of Vlaps, Jollychomp parts make for an excellent beating device. Jollyscope Vlap 21 Jolly Gastrolith 4 Jolly Fulmar 2 Petalprod Weapon Level 15 Random Level 15 Sword. The petals of a wojack are extraordinarily pointy. You find that when you shove them into things, it hurts a lot. Jackweaver Nurvaxon 5 Dendrite Spine 2 Wojack Petal 14 Jolly 8 Tentaclax Weapon Level 17 Random Level 17 Axe. You might think something like a floppy tentacle would make for a terrible axe. You might think WRONG. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 25 Clossom 3 Throak Fluoros 10 Sakslapper Weapon Level 19 Random Level 19 Hammer. It's about time you gave those Snorbles a taste of their own saks. Compressor Clossom 3 Snorble Airsak 8 Blube 12 Exord Weapon Level 21 Random Level 21 Sword. This intuitively effective weapon can slice through even the mightiest of... Well, all kinds of stuff, really. Centrifuge Coral Tubes 2 Vampry 2 Satgat Exoskeleton 12 Thrombyte Fibrin 5 Grumbler Weapon Level 23 Random Level 23 Axe. By harnessing the power of the Bamli, you've managed to assemble an axe that can strike down ALL WHO STAND BEFORE YOU! Almost. Granvil Spur Gold 2 Grenamel 6 Spur Gum 2 Bamli Horn 33 Bambukket Creature Catalyst Superior For some reason, Bamlis have an unnatural obsession with anything shaped like a bucket. Embiggens your Bamli to POWERFUL SIZE! Granvil Bamstache 65 Pyn 32 Spur Gold 10 Wily Bamli Essence 22 Leather Throwpillow Furniture Normal This leathery pillow will really tie the room together! Skinnery Wompit Leather 27 Glow Pillow Furniture Normal Not only does it look super comfortable, it also emits an eerie glow that makes you feel queasy! Skinnery Wompit Leather 9 Sawdust 4 Glow Juice 4 Stuffed Wompit Furniture Normal After spending so much time around wompits, you're able to perfectly recreate a Wompit using your skills of taxidermy! Skinnery Wompit Leather 9 Wompit Bone 6 Log 14 Stuffed Glidopus Furniture Normal This lifelike dead Glidopus will either spruce up your living room, or something resembling the exact opposite. Chemworks Glidopus Siphon 9 Blastique 2 Glidopus Beak 2 Glidopus Ink 9 Stuffed Glutterfly Furniture Normal If you strategically place this stuffed Glutterfly somewhere, it would look creepy. Chemworks Glutterfly Chitin 6 Glow Juice 4 Flatstone 14 Leather Bagchair Furniture Normal This would be really comfortable to sit in if you had knees. Skinnery Wompit Leather 14 Sawgrass Leaf 7 Glowy Bagchair Furniture Normal It's possible that sitting on this chair will cause certain parts of your body to become radioactive. RADIOACTIVELY AWESOME, THAT IS. Skinnery Wompit Leather 7 Sawdust 3 Sawgrass Leaf 4 Glow Juice 3 Bureau Scroll Furniture Normal With the power of WRITING ON WOOD PULP, you are now able to convey your love toward the Bureau of Shipping. Great job! Sawmill Log 9 Glidopus Ink 7 Whistle Borer 2 Armvlaps Gloves Level 13 Random Level 13 Glove. Wrapping your hands in the loving Vlaps of a Vomma makes you feel warm, safe, and secure. Jollyscope Jolly 7 Jolly Gastrolith 3 Vlap 14 Vlest Chest Armor Level 13 Random Level 13 Chest. You feel warm and cuddly when you wrap yourself in a majestic suit of Vlaps. Jollyscope Jolly Gastrolith 3 Jolly 6 Vlap 13 Jolly Fulmar 2 Vlapchaps Leg Armor Level 13 Random Level 13 Pants. These chaps are exposed in the back, allowing you to enjoy a nice, cool breeze. Jollyscope Jolly 5 Vlap 11 Bloo 4 Vlapface Hat Helm Level 13 Random Level 13 Helm. You think this hat makes you look super awesome. You might be right about that, but you might not. Jollyscope Wat Wing 7 Vlap 19 Jolly 9 Jollyscope Workstation Normal Using the focused power of firmified Jolly Fulmar, you're able to finely craft things with such immense detail that it hurts your eye sockets just thinking about it. Crystal Kiln Vlap 23 Jolly Fulmar 3 Jolly 11 Dusk Prism 1 Fauxsack Creature Catalyst Superior Deploying this fake Vomma Baby Sack causes something magical to happen! Embiggens your Vomma to POWERFUL SIZE! Jollyscope Vlap 131 Vompole 87 Tusker 40 Tempered Vomma Essence 14 Siphon Floor Floor Normal This floor makes an awkward squishing noise as you rub your toes against it, but it feels nice. Chemworks Glidopus Siphon 10 Chitin Floor Floor Normal The shiny sheen of this floor makes you want to roll around on it, so you might as well. Chemworks Glutterfly Chitin 10 Bone Floor Floor Normal There's nothing quite like the bones of a thousand alien cow hippos to really add spice to a room. Skinnery Wompit Bone 10 Wompit Leather 10 Stone Chest Chest Normal This amazing-looking chest will hold whatever you put in it! Except love. Nothing can contain love. Throak Headguard Helm Level 17 Random Level 17 Helm. Looking at this helm makes you wonder if you'll ever be able to get it off. Good thing it's stylish, or you'd be concerned. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 17 Wojack Cilia 3 Vomma Babymaker 3 Myelar 15 Tentavest Chest Armor Level 17 Random Level 17 Chest. The suckers of the Throak tentacles constantly give you backrubs. It's nice. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 20 Boba 1 Dendrite Spine 2 Coiled Tentagloves Gloves Level 17 Random Level 17 Glove. The tentacles respond to your movements and make you feel way stronger and 30% more awesome. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 25 Throak Polyp 5 Tentaclaps Leg Armor Level 17 Random Level 17 Pants. By attaching cilia to the bottom of your feet, you suddenly feel like you're gliding along the ground. You're not, of course, but it definitely feels like it. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 13 Wojack Cilia 2 Dendrite Spine 2 Myelar Faceholder Helm Level 15 Random Level 15 Helm. The insulating nature of Myelar keeps your face toasty warm, like a marshmallow being incinerated over an open flame. It's quite painful. Jackweaver Myelar 19 Bleghpod 3 Wojack Sucker 13 Myelants Leg Armor Level 15 Random Level 15 Pants. The insides of these slippers are... slippery. When you walk, it sounds like someone chewing a mouthful of mayonnaise. Jackweaver Myelar 16 Wojack Petal 14 Myelirt Chest Armor Level 15 Random Level 15 Chest. The constant flexing of the myelar makes it incredibly hard to breathe, yet you still feel compelled to wear it. Jackweaver Myelar 25 Wojack Petal 23 Myelar Armsheaths Gloves Level 15 Random Level 15 Glove. With the power of Wojack Suckers, you can hold on to just about anything! Jackweaver Wojack Sucker 9 Myelar 14 Splinter 11 Bioloom Workstation Normal By weaving together all kinds of spindly, slimy organs and things, you've managed to create quite the impeccable workstation! Jackweaver Throak Tentacle 27 Clossom 3 Nurvaxon 7 Dendrite Spine 3 Cauldron Workstation Normal Stretched and slapped Bleghpods make for an excellent container! Jollyscope Bleghpod 4 Splinter 23 Jolly 15 Splintrowel Tool Tier 2 Normal Tier 2 trowel. A much more rugged trowel than its predecessor, the Splintrowel can pry just about anything out of the ground! Jackweaver Splinter 12 Throak Polyp 4 Dendrite Spine 2 Dusk Trowel 1 Thrackle Creature Catalyst Superior Young Throaks often lose control of their tentacles. But not with THIS! Embiggens your Throak to POWERFUL SIZE! Bioloom Throak Tentacle 157 Throak Polyp 29 Myelar 137 Malicious Throak Essence 15 Wojack Soap Creature Catalyst Superior Although they look disgusting, Wojacks are obsessed with cleanliness! Embiggens your Wojack to POWERFUL SIZE! Jackweaver Sticky Wojack Essence 15 Wojack Petal 118 Wojack Cilia 25 Splinter 99 Snelm Helm Level 19 Random Level 19 Helm. This will either convince your enemies that you're a snorble, or convince your enemies that you're a crazy person wearing snorble parts on your face. Compressor Snorble Skin 10 Snorble Airsak 6 Ayeayes 7 Sagtatoe 3 Snest Chest Armor Level 19 Random Level 19 Chest. The airsaks protect your amazing chest skin from imminent harm, and the Wojack spice exfoliates your pores. High-tech! Compressor Snorble Skin 9 Snorble Airsak 5 Blube 7 Wojack Spice 1 Snittens Gloves Level 19 Random Level 19 Glove. Snorble Airsaks are velvety soft on the inside. It's like having your hand in a real glove! Compressor Snorble Skin 10 Snorble Airsak 5 Blube 8 Snoots Leg Armor Level 19 Random Level 19 Pants. Your legs will thank you after being exposed to the luscious juices of the Ayeayeas... uh... berries? Compressor Snorble Skin 11 Ayeayes 8 Exohead Facemask Helm Level 21 Random Level 21 Helm. The sharp corners of this facemask constantly poke you in the eyes, but it's a sacrifice you have to make for fashion. Centrifuge Satgat Exoskeleton 11 Luminalgae 1 Thrombyte Fibrin 5 Blood Louse 1 Exochest Chest Armor Level 21 Random Level 21 Chest. Although it looks bulky, it's actually quite light. It's even aerodynamic! Centrifuge Satgat Exoskeleton 10 Luminalgae 1 Thrombyte Fibrin 4 Throak Jelly 1 Exosleeves Gloves Level 21 Random Level 21 Glove. By covering your arms with Satgat exoskeletons, you've managed to look... not leaf-like whatsoever. Centrifuge Satgat Exoskeleton 8 Luminalgae 1 Thrombyte Fibrin 4 Jolly Fulmar 2 Exoots Leg Armor Level 21 Random Level 21 Pants. Although pointy on the outside, the inside is soft and warm. It will protect your most important parts. Centrifuge Satgat Exoskeleton 8 Luminalgae 1 Thrombyte Fibrin 4 Dusky Healing Potion Consumable Good When cooked ever so slightly, Fatheads produce a delicious juice that restores 1,609 HP. Hearth Dusk Shard 3 Fatheaded Slurper 3 Snorbelt Creature Catalyst Superior Snorbles are very safety-conscious; it's why they evolved giant airbags all over their bodies. Embiggens your Snorble to POWERFUL SIZE! Compressor Burnt Snorble Essence 9 Snorble Skin 90 Extracted Tuber 7 Blube 73 Bleghmar Treat Creature Food Normal Cramming a tasty Bleghpod full of nutritious Jolly Fulmar? AMAZING! Boosts your pet's critical strike chance by 25% for 3 minutes. Cauldron Bleghpod 1 Jolly Fulmar 1 Sticky Wojack Essence 1 Thrombopump Workstation Normal By slapping this pump onto a Thrombyte, you can extract whatever goodness lies inside! Centrifuge Snorble Airsak 9 Blube 14 Ayeayes 12 Plonktan 1 Attractive Mask Creature Catalyst Superior Satgats are self-conscious about their stupid faces, so they love to find new ways to kep themselves covered! Embiggens your Satgat to POWERFUL SIZE! Centrifuge Satgat Exoskeleton 101 Plonktan 4 Sensitive Satgat Essence 8 Satgat Chemoreceptors 8 Granvil Workstation Normal The moustache of a Bamli is so powerful, you can use it to BEND ANYTHING TO YOUR WILL! It's also super attractive. Centrifuge Thrombyte Fibrin 7 Grenamel 8 Bamstache 12 Spur Gold 2 Wooden Writable Sign Sign Normal You've treated this wood such that you can write and erase stuff on it! Now you can label parts of the map. Sawmill Log 1 Stick 1 Grenoots Leg Armor Level 23 Random Level 23 Pants. The power of ancient Bamli horn allows you to leap small things in a single bound or more! HIYOOOO! Granvil Bamli Horn 33 Grenamel 6 Grenamel Stachemask Helm Level 23 Random Level 23 Helm. What's better than having a hairy face? Having a hair-barky face. Granvil Bamli Horn 30 Grenamel 5 Hairbark 26 Bamstache 7 Grestplate Chest Armor Level 23 Random Level 23 Chest. Sometimes, you just gotta awesomely cover your entire torso in the forged bones of an ancient giant beast. This is one of those times. Granvil Bamli Horn 27 Grenamel 5 Spur Gum 2 Spur Gold 1 Grenamel Armpads Gloves Level 23 Random Level 23 Glove. Grenamel makes for amazing arm protection, so long as you don't care about using your elbows, fingers, or anything else. Granvil Bamli Horn 29 Grenamel 5 Hairbark 25 Karboan Healing Potion Consumable Good It's ICE COLD! Restores 52,087 HP. Pressure Cooker Karboan 3 Flungus Airoot 3 Pipey Healing Potion Consumable Good It goes down smooth, like a smoooooth smoothie. Restores 125,060 HP. Pressure Cooker Pipedirt Pipe 3 Magmite Worker 3 Elixir of Concussions Consumable Good Drinking this brew makes you want to punch stuff! 2% chance to stun enemies upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Pressure Cooker Smashblossom Trunk 6 Parapod 2 Fanged Strangler 1 Royal Glaser Essence 1 Blegh Healing Potion Consumable Good Let's be honest here; you're just throwing ingredients into a jar and seeing what sticks. Restores 2,221 HP. Cauldron Bleghpod 3 Tusker 3 Elixir of Shocking Consumable Good You may think you don't need to call down lightning from the heavens... BUT YOU DO. 3% chance to shock enemies upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Pressure Cooker Karboan 5 Meltor 2 Flailpod 3 Calcified Gallum Essence 1 Grenamel Healing Potion Consumable Good As the saying goes... Sometimes you juice the louse, and sometimes the louse juices you. Restores 9,670 HP. Cauldron Grenamel 3 Hairbark 3 Vompole 3 Furgrasp Resource Normal Its long, claw-like branches often snag the fur of animals that pass by. It probably uses the fur for knitting hats. Spiregg Resource Normal It's unclear what laid this egg. But it is clear that it's packed with nutrients and goodies, like some kind of natural pinata. Smashblossom Resource Normal The flower of this plant is insanely heavy. The blossom climbs up the stalk, then smashes down into the ice to break off chunks, which the plant then consumes. Geysir Resource Normal The water inside overflows until it freezes over, creating a sort of cap. One the frozen cap is in place, the Geysir builds up tremendous pressure inside that is only relieved when the cap is removed. Tundra School Resource Normal Something is stirring under the cold, icy waters. Ice Skate Component Normal This flat, fish-like creature clings to ice chunks and blends in with them. It also speaks several languages, none of which you understand. Squeti Component Normal A hairy squid, well-suited for swimming in the extreme cold of the Tundra. It seems highly intelligent. Ventsleeper Component Good This snail-like beasty lives around boiling hot-water vents deep in the bottom of the ocean. It shivers nonstop as soon as you pull it out of the water. Coralduster Component Normal Its bristles are soft. They remind you of the time you used to work as a maid and carried a featherduster around everywhere you went. Bonkagong Weapon Level 29 Epic Level 29 Hammer. This fish has no skull. Instead, its stomach is in its head, and it swallows an exorbitant number of stones, which it keeps in its head-stomach to protect its tiny, tiny brain. Conjoined Perp Consumable Good These plants grow in pairs, and they have a shifty attitude. It would be wise not to trust them. Restores 7,103 HP. Hard Core Resource Normal This thing is sharp and pointy. It seems pretty hardcore. Parapod Consumable Normal When squeezed, it emits a horrible odor. You also hear rumbling sounds nearby. Restores 7,268 HP. Bluff Resource Normal Instead of leaves, this plant grows a crazy amount of hair. The hair generates energy for the plant by blowing in the wind. It reminds you of one of your distant relatives. Flailtree Resource Normal This tree twitches when hostile creatures come near it, but it never swings. You surmise that it might be a pacifist. Pipedirt Resource Normal It's unclear whether this is a type of coral, a plant, an animal, or something in between. The sounds it make as the wind blows through the pipes remind you of an old timey church organ! Crystine Component Normal A chunk of pristine, green crystal protruding up from the shattered crystalline area of the Tundra. It sings and vibrates when it senses you are near it. Magmite Mound Resource Normal It's full of mites! They build the mound using blood, sweat, tears, and a little bit of elbow grease. The mound is easily popped open with a trowel, though. Flungus Resource Normal The bags are probably full of helium or something. It floats gently above the waters of the Tundra. Hewgodooko Wall Structure Normal One of the walls from Hewgodooko's savanna fortresses. It's pretty dang durable. Hewgodooko Door Structure Normal WHAT'S IT MADE OF? Icequill Consumable Normal A cluster of bioluminescent algae that has adapted to only grow on ice. Your tongue sticks to it if you lick it. Restores 16,906 HP. Coppersponge Component Normal This plant grows perfect sponges made of copper. This will be super helpful when you have to do the dishes. Depressurized Larva Component Good This larva looks like it has suffered from decompression sickness. It probably came from somewhere incredibly deep under the ground... Fanged Strangler Component Good This tiny critter uses advanced elegtromagnetic-detecting neurons to find the nearest neck and strangle it. It would make a great gift for children you hate. Boreole Component Good It glows between a range of colors to lure in its prey. When the target gets close, it sits there and does nothing, because it's a mushroom. Liquideon Component Superior Green goo that has seeped up through the cracks in the green crystals of the Tundra. It has since hardened... And it smells like squid. Bunnion Consumable Normal Although it looks like an adorable rabbit, it's just a camouflaged root vegetable. Ignore the fact that it screams when you eat it. That's part of the camouflage. Restores 40,293 HP. Bluffollicle Component Normal You've managed to whack a Bluff hard enough to knock its follicle right out! It doesn't seeem physically possible, but it happened. Bluffluff Component Normal It's so soft, you figure the thread count on this thing is in the jillions. It would make a nice bed... or coat. Smashblossom Pistil Component Normal This thing appears to be used to perform unspeakable acts of plant romance. Smashblossom Petal Component Normal This weighs from three to twelve hundred pounds or kilograms. Or grams. It's very squirmy, so it's tough to get a read on it. Smashblossom Trunk Component Normal This trunk sure can take a pounding. Emerald Smashborer Component Good It's pretty jittery. It can only be calmed down by the rhythmic, explosive pounding of a Smashblossom. Flailpod Component Normal It has a convenient grip, almost as it if was made to be thrown by you and you alone. As you gaze upon the flailpod, you feel butterflies in your stomach. It was meant to be. Blackbark Component Normal The blackbark of a Flailtree is much stronger and more resilient than its backbark. Flaycorn Seed Good The seed of a Flailtree. It's very aggressive and disagreeable. Better to bury it and get it over with. Furgrasp Antler Component Normal The Furgrasp uses these long, pointy appendages to rip tufts of fur from... something. Furgrasp Foliage Component Normal These leaves are fibrous, almost as if they were woven together by a tiny person with tiny, tiny fingers. Like a baby, or perhaps a very small monkey. Furgrasp Seed Seed Good After murdering its father, the least you can do is plant this seed. Don't be a barbarian. Strange Tuft Component Good A furgrasp must have ripped this tuft off of something... strange... Flungus Airoot Component Normal Flungi use these roots to keep themselves aloft somehow. It seems like magic, so it probably is, according to Occam's razor. Flungus Brain Component Normal Based on the size and complexity of his brain, Flungi may be the most intelligent creatures in the universe. Too bad they can't move or speak! Flungus Sporebee Seed Good Flungi home in on these bees to deposit their spores, or something. Planting one of these in Furdle Frost should generate a Flungus, at any rate! Flungus Pod Component Normal This pod has avoided being exploded by your violent attacks. You sense that it is terrifed of you, and probably delicious. Spiregg Goop Component Normal It's wet and sticky, like the goop that comes out of an egg. Oh, wait... that's EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. Spiregg Yolk Component Normal It's packed full of nutrients, like fat, cholesterol, and various poisons! It also seems to be glaring at you. Spiregg Shell Component Normal This shell is one of the hardest substances you've seen since you began looking at it just a second ago. Magmite King Component Good It demands that you bow before it and kiss its appendages. Magmite Worker Component Normal This little bugger will chop the back of your face off if you take your eyes off it for a second. Just to be safe, you should try it. Lonsdaleite Component Normal This substance is harder than anything you've ever seen. The Magmites build their nests around this stuff, apparently hoping to mine it. So far they have never succeeded. Oil Component Good You can't imagine what this might be useful for. Pipedirt Pipe Component Normal This is just a pipe, made out of some type of organic plant matter. It becomes progressively floppier over time. Rustmoss Component Normal This mossy stuff must do something to produce the pipes you always see protruding from it. BUT WHAT? Science will never know. Diamond Component Normal The intense pressures inside Geysirs are SO CRAZY HIGH, they can turn just about anything into a diamond! Including whatever this was! Geysir Slurry Component Normal When scrubbed down, this ball of crud yields a cornucopia of precious metals! Spood Beast Component Good This little weirdo can move REALLY fast. When it wants to. Which it doesn't. YOU CAN'T TELL IT WHAT TO DO. Basic Hewgotable Furniture Normal This table was built by Hewgodooko's bare hands. Or whatever he uses for this kind of thing. Lasers, probably. Bare lasers. Basic Hewgochair Furniture Normal This chair was found in one of Hewgodooko's bases. The craftsmanship is exquisite. Looking at this chair, you wonder whether Hewgodooko was once a skilled carpenter, and if so, why he would know how to build chairs if he can levitate. Hewgolamp Lighting Normal This lamp glows with infinite fuel, probably using some kind of mystical energy source known only to... whatever Hewgodooko is. Basic Hewgochest Chest Normal Hewgodooko has some pretty big chests. This will come in handy for normal chest-based activities. Teal Hewgolantern Lighting Normal A lamp from Hewgodooko's base that goes on the floor. It glows a beautiful teal. The color reminds you of toothpaste, or the ocean, or stuff like that. Turbo Green Hewgolantern Lighting Normal This lantern is so green, you wonder if it could possibly get any greener. The answer is yes... OR IS IT? No, it's not. Yella Hewgolantern Lighting Normal This lantern is yella. Yella, like the colah of the skah on a nahce summa dah. Rudorange Hewgolantern Lighting Normal This lantern glows a deep, reddish-orange. It reminds you of the fiery eyes of a demon you once loved. Magentamazing Hewgolantern Lighting Normal THIS HEWGOLANTERN IS MAGENTAMAAAAAZING! It's magenta. Perp Purp Hewgolantern Lighting Normal The color of this lantern is similar to the prison garb of inmates back home on Earth. Those were the days. Bluh Hewgolantern Lighting Normal Dis lamp has uh bluh gluh. Hologram Furniture Superior This hologram stores a memory print of whatever the user exposes it to. Unfortunately, it's too sophisticated for your feeble mind to understand how to update the display. Still, it looks nice! Glaser Silk Component Good Extracted from a domesticated Glaser, it works well to keep things tied up. Might as well not question a good thing. Glaser Parapod 3 Spiregg Yolk 1 Glaser Antler Fragment Component Normal It's pointy and hums with energy. You wonder how it would feel to get poked by it. Glaser Stomachball Component Normal When a Glaser eats something unusual, its stomachs tie in knots. This seems like a disadvantage. Glaser Hoof Component Normal It's extremely well insulated, like styrofoam. It also feels like styrofoam. You wonder if it's styrofoam. It might just be styrofoam. Glaser Chargenub Component Good The heart of a Glaser's extreme energy powers, this charge hub would be able to power a small cell phone. Shirk Blubber Component Normal It bounces and makes wet slapping noises when you throw it against things. Shirk Beakfragment Component Normal It probably hurt when this was ripped from a Shirk's face, but Shirks probably don't have emotions or self-awareness, so it's not that big of a deal. Sodium Chunk Component Good You managed to squeeze this whopping sodium chunk out of a domesticated Shirk's salt gland. And you only nearly lost a limb! Shirk Bamli Flightbladder 1 Hair Louse 1 Smashblossom Petal 2 Shirk Plumage Component Normal These feathers give Shirks their beautiful, glorious majesty. They truly are nature's most beautiful carnivorous flying bird shark monsters. Shirk Saltgland Component Normal Shirks like an extra pinch of salt on their meals, so this salt gland really comes in handy for such occasions. Lyff Crystalshard Component Good Legends say that Lyffs will give shards of their crystals to those they consider friends. What legends? You know... the legends. Lyff Meltor 1 Flungus Pod 3 Fanged Strangler 1 Lyff Donglespring Component Normal The only organ a Lyff uses to get around. It makes a loud 'BOING' sound when you pull it back and release. Lyff Leather Component Normal The skin is quite thin, but it's covered in an incredibly thick mat of fur. So thick, in fact, that it might not be fur at all. It might just be more skin. Lyff Swimbladder Component Normal When a Lyff wants to go for a dip, this puppy keeps it afloat. It's so effective that Lyffs can't swim more than a foot or so underwater without popping back up. Lyfftongue Component Normal It's coarse and covered in bumps. If you rub it on your cheek, nothing happens. Gallum Warpcore Component Good Torn from the chest cavity of a Gallum, this warp core might be useful for something involving warping. Gallum Rib Component Normal These ribs provide protection for the warp core of a Gallum. Not enough protection, apparently, because you easily pried it out with your bare hands. Gallum Meat Component Normal This meat holds the ribs of a Gallum together. Throw that in a pot with some salt and pepper, and baby, you've got a stew going. Gallum Armor Component Normal This would be one of the toughest substances known to mankind, if it were substantially tougher... and known to mankind. Gulanti Blowhole Component Normal You ripped that Gulanti a new, slightly bigger blowhole in exactly the same place as its old one. Gulanti Calcite Component Normal It gets warm when you hold fire to it, but it stops getting warm when you take the fire away. Gulanti Chomper Component Normal Gulantis probably use these serrated edges to tear the meat from the bones of their innocent victims, or possibly for carpentry. Gulanti Elecore Component Good You know that feeling when you rub your socks on the carpet, then touch something, and it zaps you? Touching this thing feels nothing like that. Gulanti Zeolite Component Good Whatever you put this next to, it makes that thing seem way more awesome. It's extracted from a domesticated Gulanti! Gulanti Bunnion 2 Depressurized Larva 2 Slurbshell Component Normal When you gaze upon the lustrous sheen of the shell, you begin to hallucinate that you are stranded alone on a planet, fighting for your survival while trying to defeat a limbless alien. Slurb Electrucus Component Good Acquired from a domesticated Slurb. Is it mucus? Is it electric? Yes. Slurb Spiregg Goop 2 Hard Core 2 Meltor 1 Slurb Magnet Component Normal Slurbs probably use these to amplify their aerobatic spins. This magnet has impeccable craftsmanship. Slurb Spine Component Normal It's so insanely pointy, you could probably attach it to something, then poke stuff with that thing, and it would hurt a lot. Blastcrab Shell Component Normal It's not very firm under normal conditions, but it hardens instantly when exposed to explosions. Blastcrab Ignition Gland Component Good Much like a grill lighter, this gland sends sparks into the Blastcrab's body and lights... whatever is in there. Blastcrab Hydrocarbon Component Good Pulled from a blast tube of a domesticated Blastcrab, this compound makes your breath flammable! Blastcrab Oilbag 2 Liquideon 1 Flailpod 2 Blastcrab Hide Component Normal It's tough and chewy! Almost too chewy... Gallium Component Good This high-energy goo binds the cosmic energy of the Gallum's crystals together. If you treat a domesticated Gallum well, it might give you some! Gallum Gulanti Elecore 1 Lonsdaleite 2 Crystine 1 Glowb Lighting Normal You've packed about as much glow juice into one place as you possibly can. This thing should stay lit for... FRICKIN' EONS. Chemworks Glutterfly Chitin 3 Basic Glue 1 Glow Juice 2 Skinnery Workstation Normal Now you're crafting with Wompit parts! Sawmill Wompit Leather 12 Wompit Bone 8 Whistleroot Reed 22 Shirkbeak Pickaxe Tool Tier 4 Normal Tier 4 pickaxe. The hair bristles pleasantly against the palm of your hand as you wield it. Granvil Split End 8 Grenamel 6 Clikkax 1 Shirk Beakfragment 7 Shredbasket Workstation Normal If you put a piece of bread into it, you would end up with more pieces of bread. Granvil Smashblossom Trunk 23 Furgrasp Foliage 6 Spiregg Shell 6 Furgrasp Antler 11 Fursmasher Weapon Level 25 Random Level 25 Hammer. The plumage on the hilt really gives it a nice counterbalanced heft. Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 8 Smashblossom Petal 9 Shirk Blubber 13 Shirk Plumage 3 Smat Helm Level 25 Random Level 25 Helm. The last thing your enemies will remember is the shining glimmer of your beautiful shirkbeak smile. Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 7 Smashblossom Trunk 14 Shirk Plumage 3 Shirk Beakfragment 7 Smock Chest Armor Level 25 Random Level 25 Chest. Smashblossom parts can really take a pounding, and now, so can you! Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 7 Smashblossom Trunk 13 Strange Tuft 1 Shirk Blubber 11 Smitts Gloves Level 25 Random Level 25 Glove. The yolk is pretty sticky, but it keeps the gloves firmly cemented onto your hands. It's a trade-off. Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 5 Smashblossom Trunk 11 Shirk Blubber 9 Spiregg Yolk 2 Smants Leg Armor Level 25 Random Level 25 Pants. The blubber does a great job of trapping the natural heat of your spicy legs, which is pretty important in the cold of the Tundra. Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 4 Smashblossom Trunk 8 Shirk Blubber 7 Smashblossom Petal 5 Poorly Repaired Shirk Egg Creature Catalyst Superior It's a patchy job, but most Shirks are just dumb enough to fall for it. Embiggens your Shirk to POWERFUL SIZE! Shredbasket Berg Shirk Essence 12 Shirk Blubber 107 Spiregg Shell 30 Spiregg Goop 56 Pressure Cooker Workstation Normal Be sure not to put your face in front of this while it's running, unless you're into horrifying spa treatments. Shredbasket Diamond 3 Hard Core 12 Fanged Strangler 1 Glaser Stomachball 3 Gastropestle Workstation Normal Like the chemistry set you had as a kid, but morbid. Shredbasket Glaser Stomachball 4 Hard Core 16 Boreole 2 Antlerhoof Trowel Tool Tier 3 Normal Tier 3 trowel. Antlers and hooves are terrible at prying things off the ground, until you combine them. In a sense, they're like the mustard and mayonnaise of a deviled egg. Shredbasket Splintrowel 1 Furgrasp Antler 8 Glaser Hoof 5 Spiregg Goop 7 Saggy Healing Potion Consumable Good The sagtatoe container really brings out the flavonoids. Restores 6,521 HP. Cauldron Sagtatoe 3 Skeletonized Fathead 3 Elixir of Siphoning Consumable Good Juicing up with this bad boy lets you SUCK THE LIFE FROM EVERYONE AROUND YOU! 2% chance to regain health upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Pressure Cooker Pipedirt Pipe 8 Jumpy Gulanti Essence 1 Crystine 2 Smashy Healbev Consumable Good With this much protein, you could seriously consider getting into squats. Restores 17,894 HP. Pressure Cooker Smashblossom Trunk 3 Parapod 3 Elixir of Temporary Insanity Consumable Good This disgusting fluid makes you REALLY UPSET. 3% chance to go berserk upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Pressure Cooker Smashblossom Trunk 8 Conjoined Perp 1 Berg Shirk Essence 1 Dirt Component Normal It's dirty. Furdle Durt Floor Normal You can plant seeds in it! It's so furdle and durty!. BS SSSS SS5 Dirt 8 Sawdust 4 Gaze Catcher Creature Catalyst Superior If there's one thing a Glaser can't resist, it's a space traveler in tight spandex flinging a ball of awkwardly-assembled objects at it. Embiggens your Glaser to POWERFUL SIZE! Gastropestle Glaser Antler Fragment 67 Royal Glaser Essence 8 Fanged Strangler 6 Diamond 17 Hardcore Stomord Weapon Level 27 Random Level 27 Sword. Although Glaser stomachs don't make for very good building components, they work much better once you stab them with everything else. Gastropestle Glaser Stomachball 2 Diamond 2 Hard Core 9 Fanged Strangler 1 Gloots Leg Armor Level 27 Random Level 27 Pants. The stranglers keep all your parts packed in tight! Gastropestle Glaser Hoof 3 Parapod 3 Fanged Strangler 1 Glasevest Chest Armor Level 27 Random Level 27 Chest. It protect, lifts, and supports! Your dignity, that is. Gastropestle Hard Core 7 Fanged Strangler 1 Parapod 3 Glaser Antler Fragment 7 Hardhat Helm Level 27 Random Level 27 Helm. It'll protect your face so hard, you won't even know what hit you. Seriously, you'll have no idea. Gastropestle Hard Core 8 Fanged Strangler 1 Glaser Antler Fragment 8 Diamond 2 Stomagloves Gloves Level 27 Random Level 27 Glove. The high levels of acid on the inside will definitely render your hands soft and tender. Everyone loves soft hands! Gastropestle Glaser Stomachball 2 Fanged Strangler 1 Diamond 2 Shirk Saltgland 2 Slurry Processing Component Good By dumping slurry into the Slurrifier, you'll be able to clean it up and extract something useful from it. Slurrifier Geysir Slurry 1 Parapod 1 Slurrifier Workstation Normal It seems that the slurry you get from geysirs might contain valuable resources. This station will let you extract all the delicious goodness! Gastropestle Boreole 2 Hard Core 13 Slurbshell 26 Slurb Spine 14 Karboan Component Normal This was covered in some Geysir Slurry, and you managed to clean it up. It's pretty rough around the edges, but it might be good for something. Technium Component Normal It's hard and scratch-proof, and polished to a perfect sheen. Nothing you do seems to dent it, and it hums gently when you come near it. Meltor Component Normal This toxic goo is a primary component of slurry. It sticks to everything it touches, including your nostrils. Karbopole Tool Tier 3 Normal Tier 3 fishing pole. It's long, hard, and thorny. Like a fishing pole should be. Gastropestle Karboan 12 Slurb Spine 10 Exopole 1 Glaser Silk 2 Tumbler Workstation Normal Fully equipped for all your tumbling needs, this Tumbler even comes with a cupholder! In the sense that you can put a cup near it. Gastropestle Karboan 18 Ice Skate 4 Ventsleeper 2 Boreole 2 Elixir of Resilience Consumable Good It smells like waffles without syrup. Reduces physical damage taken by 15%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Pressure Cooker Pipedirt Pipe 6 Icequill 2 Rustmoss 2 Pressurized Blastcrab Essence 1 Karbaxe Weapon Level 29 Random Level 29 Axe. When swung hard enough, ice skates can become deadly weapons. Like most things, probably. Tumbler Karboan 12 Ice Skate 3 Slurb Spine 10 Meltor 4 Karbelm Helm Level 29 Random Level 29 Helm. You could put a lot of eyes out with these things. Tumbler Karboan 11 Squeti 6 Meltor 4 Slurb Spine 9 Slest Chest Armor Level 29 Random Level 29 Chest. Nothing insulates your saucy torso like a Squeti. Tumbler Karboan 10 Slurbshell 14 Squeti 5 Coralduster 4 Sloves Gloves Level 29 Random Level 29 Glove. Poofy shoulderpads are IN! Fashion is cyclical, right? ... Right? Tumbler Squeti 6 Slurbshell 16 Coralduster 4 Sloots Leg Armor Level 29 Random Level 29 Pants. Sloots with the fur, to protect your beautiful calves from the biting cold. Tumbler Squeti 5 Slurbshell 12 Ice Skate 2 Magnetic Bracelet Creature Catalyst Superior Slurbs rely on magnetism to powercharge their leaps. Embiggens your Slurb to POWERFUL SIZE! Tumbler Slurbshell 147 Slurb Magnet 18 Slurb Electrucus 10 Raging Slurb Essence 14 Spinesaw Tool Tier 5 Normal Tier 5 saw. The jagged spines of Slurbs make for an amazing saw. They are also great conversation starters and enders! Tumbler Lyfftongue 4 Slurb Spine 10 Karboan 12 Sawstache 1 Burnchurn Workstation Normal Good thing it runs on its own, or you'd end up with a lot of disfiguring scars! Tumbler Blackbark 6 Bluffluff 19 Flungus Pod 29 Coralduster 7 Flungmallet Weapon Level 31 Random Level 31 Hammer. Although soft and filled with air, flungus pods can do some serious damage in the very, very long term. Years, maybe. Burnchurn Flungus Pod 20 Bluffluff 13 Blackbark 5 Lyff Swimbladder 2 Lyff Toy Bauble Creature Catalyst Superior Lyffs are super playful, so this toy-ish baubley thing should win one over pretty easily. Embiggens your Lyff to POWERFUL SIZE! Burnchurn Lyff Broh Essence 7 Lyff Donglespring 17 Coppersponge 55 Flungus Sporebee 51 Thinkingcap Helm Level 31 Random Level 31 Helm. Wearing this cap infuses your cerebrum with the mental faculties of a Flungus. It also removes your depth perception, which is a plus. Burnchurn Lyff Leather 7 Blackbark 4 Flungus Brain 3 Flungus Pod 18 Florset Chest Armor Level 31 Random Level 31 Chest. It's tight, which is what makes it so nice. Burnchurn Lyff Leather 6 Blackbark 4 Bluffluff 11 Coppersponge 6 Tonguemitts Gloves Level 31 Random Level 31 Glove. Wrapping a Lyff tongue around your hand has augmented the sounds of your slaps to become very satisfying. Burnchurn Flungus Airoot 13 Bluffluff 9 Lyff Leather 5 Lyfftongue 3 Floots Leg Armor Level 31 Random Level 31 Pants. The fluff feels good in between your toes. Or it would, if you had some. Burnchurn Bluffluff 9 Flungus Pod 13 Blackbark 3 Icy Pickaxe Tool Tier 5 Normal Tier 5 pickaxe. Be careful not to poke your parts with the spiky ball part of the pick. Burnchurn Blastcrab Shell 8 Flailpod 8 Shirkbeak Pickaxe 1 Lyff Crystalshard 2 Refinery Workstation Normal Pump it up and process it down! This bad boy will turn all that bubblin' crude into whatever your little heart desires! Burnchurn Pipedirt Pipe 26 Blastcrab Shell 12 Blastcrab Hide 7 Icequill 8 Alloyonite Component Good It's hard, round, and smooth. Despite its toughness, it has just enough give to make for some pretty good bounces. Refinery Karboan 1 Oilbag 1 Redhat Helm Level 33 Random Level 33 Helm. It's just heavy enough that you might break your neck wearing it. That's how you know it's good. Refinery Alloyonite 4 Blastcrab Shell 8 Blastcrab Hide 4 Pipedirt Pipe 16 Redcoat Chest Armor Level 33 Random Level 33 Chest. It's strong enough for a man, and also strong enough for a woman. Because women and men are equal. Refinery Alloyonite 3 Rustmoss 5 Icequill 4 Blastcrab Hide 4 Redsleeves Gloves Level 33 Random Level 33 Glove. It looks sharp on the outside, but it's even sharper on the inside. You should seek medical attention. Refinery Alloyonite 3 Blastcrab Shell 6 Blastcrab Hide 3 Icequill 4 Redboots Leg Armor Level 33 Random Level 33 Pants. These boots will grant you the style of one eagle and the finesse of another eagle, high-fiving as they soar through space. Refinery Alloyonite 3 Rustmoss 4 Blastcrab Hide 3 Redpoker Weapon Level 33 Random Level 33 Sword. Look at this sword. You could poke the whole world with this thing. Refinery Alloyonite 4 Meltor 5 Pipedirt Pipe 18 Slurb Electrucus 2 Bagpump Workstation Normal It makes horrible squealing noises as it extracts oil from the waters of the Tundra. It makes you feel like dancing. Refinery Pipedirt Pipe 27 Blastcrab Hide 7 Slurb Magnet 4 Lyff Swimbladder 3 Oilbag Component Good Priming your Bagpump with an Icequill lets you extract this from the water. It's oily on the outside, and oilier on the inside! Bagpump Icequill 3 Oiled Calcite Trowel Tool Tier 4 Normal Tier 4 trowel. The grip is pretty slippery, but it should get the job done. Refinery Gulanti Calcite 11 Antlerhoof Trowel 1 Oilbag 5 Pipedirt Pipe 18 Blastcrab Firebarrel Creature Catalyst Superior Blastcrabs care about one thing only, and that's burning everything. Embiggens your Blastcrab to POWERFUL SIZE! Refinery Blastcrab Shell 67 Blastcrab Ignition Gland 9 Oilbag 42 Pressurized Blastcrab Essence 7 Foundry Workstation Normal It runs pretty hot, but not very fast. You could probably beat it in a marathon, or with a stick. Refinery Lonsdaleite 12 Crystine 7 Magmite Worker 8 Gulanti Calcite 17 Lonsdaxe Weapon Level 35 Legendary Level 35 Axe. It's heavy, awkward, pointy, and dangerous. Just like your ex-spouse. Foundry Lonsdaleite 35 Crystine 21 Gallum Armor 44 Gulanti Chomper 27 Lonsdelm Helm Level 35 Legendary Level 35 Helm. It fits so snugly over your skull, you can barely hear, think, see, or breathe. So protective! Foundry Lonsdaleite 42 Gulanti Chomper 33 Magmite King 5 Lonschest Chest Armor Level 35 Legendary Level 35 Chest. It grips your ribs with the strength of a thousand dung beetles! Foundry Lonsdaleite 28 Gallum Rib 9 Gallum Armor 35 Gulanti Calcite 41 Lonsmitts Gloves Level 35 Legendary Level 35 Glove. The blowhole makes for a great seal, and the hard outer covering makes for a great hard outer covering! All in all, 3/5 stars. Foundry Lonsdaleite 30 Gulanti Blowhole 11 Crystine 19 Lonsboots Leg Armor Level 35 Legendary Level 35 Pants. Having a blowhole wrapped around your thigh reminds you of your college days. Foundry Lonsdaleite 18 Gulanti Blowhole 6 Gallum Meat 12 Crystine 11 Surprise Grub Creature Catalyst Superior Gulantis love hide and seek. Maybe this little trick will scare one! Embiggens your Gulanti to POWERFUL SIZE! Foundry Gulanti Elecore 14 Depressurized Larva 10 Bunnion 15 Jumpy Gulanti Essence 10 Puzzlecube Creature Catalyst Superior Take your Gallum to the next level OF PUZZLING ACTION! Embiggens your Gallum to POWERFUL SIZE! Foundry Lonsdaleite 65 Crystine 39 Calcified Gallum Essence 9 Gallum Warpcore 12 Fishiminea Workstation Normal It can hold in a lot of heat, though it gets sticky after a lot of use. It could use a good rub-down from time to time. Squathe Ball Snail 5 Deviltailed Slapper 3 Giant Fossilized Femur 4 Tartil Pitch 20 Jackweaver Workstation Normal It pulls together all manner of things, strips them into strips, and weaves them together into a weave. BRILLIANT! Jollyscope Myelar 23 Wojack Cilia 5 Wojack Petal 21 Wojack Sucker 15 Compressor Workstation Normal All you need is the right attitude, a bit of elbow grease, and an elaborate workstation made of the skin of giant inflatable aliens. Bioloom Snorble Skin 16 Snorble Airsak 9 Clossom 3 Blube 13 Centrifuge Workstation Normal Spinning. It makes the world go round. Compressor Satgat Exoskeleton 18 Coral Tubes 2 Satgat Flesh 5 Skeletonized Fathead 3 Chemwand Trinket Superior It's only after you've burned everything that you're free to do anything. Grants a 10% chance to set enemies on fire. Compressor Snorble Mucusak 5 Satgat Chemoreceptors 6 Tusker 31 Shivly Trinket Superior Imbue your attacks with THROAK TENTACLE POWERS! Grants a 10% chance on melee attack to deal ice damage. Bioloom Throak Nematocyte 8 Throak Jelly 4 Jolly Fulmar 7 Splinter 52 Retina Mounted Spice Injector Trinket Superior You can see clearly now; the pain is gone. Reduces cooldowns of all items by 15%. Jackweaver Wojack Spice 4 Boba 4 Throak Nematocyte 7 Wojack Cornea 16 Optimized Gamepad Trinket Superior Now with firmified grippy handles XTREME! 360 noscope resource harvesting YOLO! Grants a 15% chance when breaking resources to gain a turbo run speed boost. Granvil Bamli Flightbladder 17 Wojack Spice 5 Charged Zug Molt 5 Extracted Tuber 4 Wealthy Statuette Trinket Superior Only the wealthiest of individuals carry around gold-plated miniatures of themselves. This is how you know you've made it. Grants a 10% chance when breaking resources to find double the normal amount of components! Granvil Painsulin 5 Spur Gold 5 Satgat Silk 5 Wojack Spice 5 Heating Pad Trinket Superior Keeping warm is for babies. And you, apparently. Grants 20% resistance to ice damage and freezing effects. Jollyscope Jolly Fulmar 7 Myelar 63 Vomma Babymaker 10 Wojack Spice 4 Weakness Detector Trinket Superior It's time to take a huge crit all over the place! Increases your critical strike damage by 25%. Centrifuge Satgat Chemoreceptors 4 Plonktan 2 Vampry 5 Blood Louse 4 Bloodball Trinket Superior Just having this beautiful thing around makes you want to rub all up on your enemies and steal their lives away! Grants a 5% chance to steal health from enemies on melee attack. Centrifuge Blood Louse 4 Ayeayes 34 Vampry 5 Boba 4 Rave Tube Trinket Epic You'll be the life of any party with this fancy Rave Tube! Unless you're a cop. Grants a 5% chance on melee attack to gain a turbo speed boost. Centrifuge Blube 43 Throak Jelly 5 Pyn 18 Luminalgae 4 Clawbox Trinket Superior You ain't got time to bleed, but your enemies sure do! Grants a 10% chance on melee attack to cause your target to bleed. Granvil Clossom 9 Blood Louse 4 Vampry 5 Satgat Chemoreceptors 5 Beakler Trinket Superior With the right amount of poison, you can overcome just about anything! Grants a 10% chance to poison enemies on melee attacks. Chemworks Bumpberry 7 Glidopus Ink 53 Glutterfly Wingdust 3 Glidopus Beak 7 Shockprod Trinket Superior This thing is shockingly good at shocking the socks off of things. Don't lick the tip. Grants a 10% chance on melee attack to deal electric damage! Crystal Kiln Zug Sparkplug 9 Charged Zug Molt 4 Watfinger 8 Wat Fur Tuft 40 Medicine Bag Trinket Superior Rubbing this sack all over your face should cure what ails ya! Grants 20% poison damage resistance. Skinnery Basic Glue 4 Wompit Leather 40 Whistle Borer 14 Intact Wompit Heart 5 Grounder Trinket Superior One foot on the ground, and the other on the grounder. Grants 20% electric damage resistance. Fishiminea Giant Fossilized Femur 11 Dirt 6 Tartil Pitch 58 Sea Rope 7 Mercurial Batshoes Trinket Superior Keeping these around reminds you of your days as an Olympic sprinter. Ah, simpler times. Increases run speed by 5%! Crystal Kiln Wat Wing 22 Wompit Sinew 13 Deviltailed Slapper 7 Gassak Doublesack 3 Nasty Lure Trinket Superior The smell reminds you of a frat party you went to once. But it'll increase the number of fish in schools by 40%, which is nice. Fishiminea Glotus Berries 23 Tartil Tongue 10 Bulbi 8 The Heft Trinket Superior It's so hefty, but you already know. Grants your melee attacks a 3% chance to stun enemies. Shredbasket Smashblossom Petal 46 Grenamel 30 Painsulin 6 Efficiency Engine Trinket Superior With a bit of extra thought, you can always do things better. Grants a 5% chance on swing to break resources apart completely. Burnchurn Lyff Crystalshard 5 Flungus Brain 11 Crystine 19 Slurb Electrucus 5 Cleavebat Trinket Superior This bat will give you all the leverage you need! 75% chance to hit nearby identical resources when harvesting. Foundry Lyff Donglespring 9 Gulanti Chomper 26 Gulanti Zeolite 5 Alloyonite 16 Motivator Trinket Superior Sometimes it just takes a little fire under the tush. Increases move speed by 15% when health is low! Gastropestle Glaser Chargenub 7 Sodium Chunk 5 Spiregg Shell 16 Meltor 16 Clarm Trinket Epic Now your pet's tiny arms can get some work done! Increases your pet's damage by 20%. Foundry Pipedirt Pipe 87 Technium 11 Lyff Crystalshard 6 Icequill 25 Searchlight Trinket Epic Show your pet where to strike! Increases your pet's critical hit chance by 20%. Refinery Icequill 24 Boreole 5 Slurb Electrucus 6 Alloyonite 18 Nematoblaster Device Good Harness the power of Throaks to blast a hostile enemy with THE COLDITUDE OF ICE! Deals 100% of your DPS as ice damage. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 68 Throak Nematocyte 7 Wojack Cilia 11 Splinter 45 Terrifying Fetish Gadget Superior One look at this horrible thing will get that adrenaline pumping! Provides a turbo speed boost for 10 seconds. Jackweaver Jollybab 11 Tusker 21 Wojack Cilia 13 Wojack Spice 4 Life Enforcer Gadget Epic Using ethically questionable stem cell research, you're able to restore 50% of your missing HP. Now that's progress! Jollyscope Vomma Babymaker 11 Jollybab 12 Jolly 35 Zug Sparkplug 10 Shockstache Device Superior The moustache of a Bamli builds up static charges so fast, you'd be crazy NOT to weaponize it! Deals 100% of your DPS as lightning damage to your target and all nearby targets as well. Granvil Bamstache 33 Spur Gold 5 Pyn 16 Thrombyte Fibrin 21 Plague Injector Device Superior Whacking an enemy with this thing will poison it and everyone and everything it loves! Deals 100% of your DPS as poison damage to your target and nearby targets. Centrifuge Vampry 5 Blood Louse 4 Throak Nematocyte 8 Extracted Tuber 4 Swapscope Gadget Good By focusing light into a tiny point onto your retina, you're able to instantly trade places with your pet somehow. There's a lot of science packed into this thing. Compressor Snorble Airsak 28 Wojack Cornea 20 Extracted Tuber 4 Fingarang Device Superior It'll do tremendous damage to your enemies and make them bleed, but be careful catching it on the way back, or you might lose... a finger. Applies a bleed to enemies for 100% of your DPS. Crystal Kiln Watfinger 8 Dusk Shard 13 Wat Wing 22 Zug Shell 69 DBot Gadget Epic At the press of a button, DBot will come to your rescue, making you invincible! But he gets tired easily, so don't wear him out. Stoneshaper Yellow Gem 12 Whistle Borer 22 Glotus Berries 22 Slowball Machine Device Good Fling balls of packed snow and ice at your enemies, dealing 70% of your DPS as ice damage and freezing their legs! Tumbler Karboan 58 Slurb Electrucus 6 Meltor 19 Thundercall Gadget Superior Change the climate by creating a MICROSTORM right over your own head! The storm will strike enemies with lightning every second while the storm persists, each strike damaging for 75% of your DPS. Foundry Lonsdaleite 33 Gulanti Elecore 7 Glaser Chargenub 7 Technium 10 Big Red Gadget Epic They say the safest part of a raging inferno is the point of origin. That's probably not true, but it couldn't hurt to test it. Burns enemies for 100% of your DPS! Refinery Blastcrab Hydrocarbon 6 Blastcrab Ignition Gland 5 Technium 11 Alloyonite 18 Laser Leash Gadget Good Draws a laser between you and your pet, which you can drag across enemies to damage them for 75% of your DPS. Gastropestle Glaser Chargenub 7 Glaser Antler Fragment 39 Diamond 10 Jollyfloor Floor Normal It squishes between your toes when you stride across it barefoot, and it sounds a bit like that squealing sound of rubbing a balloon. Jollyscope Jolly 10 Myelar Floor Floor Normal It's velvety and soft, like soft velvet. Rubbing your head on it makes you feel relaxed. Jackweaver Myelar 10 Golden Floor Floor Normal It is slippery when wet. Granvil Spur Gold 10 Smashblossom Floor Floor Normal It seems very resilient, almost as if you could smash it repeatedly with a blossom to no effect. Shredbasket Smashblossom Trunk 10 Karboan Floor Floor Normal It's so hard that if you fell face-first on it, it would break. Your face, not the floor. Tumbler Karboan 10 Lonsdaleite Floor Floor Normal It's pretty hard to walk on, on account of it being made of huge balls. But hey, it's the price you pay to walk on huge balls. Foundry Lonsdaleite 10 Jollywall Structure Normal You feel like if you ran at it hard enough, it would give way. Better get started! Jollyscope Jolly 5 Myelar Wall Structure Normal It squishes when you press your face all up on it. Probably not the soundest of construction materials, but what are you gonna do? Jackweaver Myelar 5 Golden Wall Structure Normal It's so shiny you can see your reflection in it! That must be useful, somehow. Granvil Spur Gold 5 Smashblossom Wall Structure Normal It's more dense than the densest of black holes. Fortunately it isn't one, or you would have fallen in by now. Shredbasket Smashblossom Trunk 5 Karboan Wall Structure Normal It's tough enough to withstand a hurricane, but gentle enough that you could trust it to look after your kids. Tumbler Karboan 5 Lonsdaleite Wall Structure Normal It's the strongest material in the universe. It makes no sense that you were able to craft it into this shape. Foundry Lonsdaleite 5 Flatstone Door Structure Normal Made of the toughest flatstone around, this door will keep all your stuff safe from burglars! Stoneshaper Flatstone 2 Jollydoor Structure Normal When it retracts, red goo squirts out. It smells like candy! Jollyscope Jolly 2 Myelar Door Structure Normal This door probably couldn't do much to keep anything out, but it sure feels great! Jackweaver Myelar 2 Golden Door Structure Normal The sun reflects off it in such a blindingly bright way, it's hard to even open the thing. How pretty! Granvil Spur Gold 2 Smashblossom Door Structure Normal The tough knobs make it hard to close and open, but they also make it easier, you know, in some respects. Shredbasket Smashblossom Trunk 2 Karboan Door Structure Normal It's tough. It's rugged. It's the all new Karboan Door, straight from your very own Tumbler! Tumbler Karboan 2 Lonsdaleite Door Structure Normal Nobody can get through this door! Unless they open it. Foundry Lonsdaleite 2 BS SSSS SS5 Workstation Normal Your trusty Bureau of Shipping Self-Sustaining Survival Station Series S-5! It'll get you started on this hostile alien planet. BS SSSS SS5 Stick 6 Sawgrass Leaf 5 Pearlscale Anchor Furniture Normal It might be good to build a few of these, in case you end up with a cruise ship in your possession. Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Sea Rope 2 Basic Glue 1 Crystalline Bookcase Furniture Normal This is where you keep all the books you tell everyone you've read! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Wat Wing 4 Sawdust 4 Glidopus Ink 11 Crystal Throne Furniture Epic This makes you momentarily forget how unimportant you are! Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 4 Yellow Gem 3 Charged Zug Molt 1 Watfinger 2 Turbo Shrine Shrine Normal Touching this shrine makes your legs feel all tingly. Like that feeling when you sit on the toilet for too long, only different. Glowing Shrine Shrine Normal Fondling this shrine fills you with happiness and joy. But then again, fondling anything does that. Fondling is great. Logbaby Component Good It rocks back and forth, staring at you with wide eyes. Looking at it makes you uncomfortable. Exposed Root of Maarla Structure Normal A root of the plant known as Maarla. It hums with the energy of life! Expression of Maarla Structure Normal A bud of the giant plant called Maarla. The petals glow with a radiant orange. Flower of Maarla Structure Normal A fully blossomed flower of Maarla. Its purple glow fills you with warmth and craving for burritos. Tendraam Torch Lighting Normal The Tendraam use these small buds of Maarla as light sources at night. Fractured Flatstone Structure Normal A shoot of Maarla that has burst through a flatstone boulder. Gastrolith Path Floor Covering Normal Walking on it gives your toes immense pleasure. YEAH, TOES! Jollyscope Jolly Gastrolith 1 Blueglow Beachball Throwable Normal It's huge and ball-shaped! Fishiminea Wat Wing 3 Glotus Berries 6 Zug Kneecap 1 Walker Blossom 2 Beachball Throwable Normal If this hit you in the face at a high speed, it would be hilarious. Fishiminea Wat Wing 6 Gassakmeister 3 Zug Kneecap 2 Walker Blossom 4 Greenglow Beachball Throwable Normal If this hit you in the face at a high speed in the dark, it would be hilarious. Fishiminea Glow Juice 10 Wat Wing 3 Gassakmeister 5 Zug Kneecap 1 Potted Straddlebark Potted Plant Normal It's straddlebark in a pot. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? Crystal Kiln Straddlebark 1 Dusk Shard 2 Vlapkeg Furniture Normal Standing near it makes you want to throw your hands in the air, almost as if you simply don't care. Jollyscope Vlap 11 Straddlebark 1 Tusker 4 Wojack Cilia 2 Telescope Furniture Normal Putting your eye up to it leaves a gross ring of goo around your eye socket. Jackweaver Splinter 9 Wojack Cornea 3 Dusk Prism 1 Wojack Sucker 8 Pearlscale HoverBuoy Furniture Normal It floats in the water, despite being made of ultra-dense materials. There must be some science in there! Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Sea Rope 2 Glotus Berries 3 Water Balloon 6 Jollamp Lighting Normal The glowing orbs are hypnotic. You can feel yourself drooling as you watch it. Jollyscope Jolly 2 Jolly Fulmar 1 Dusk Prism 1 Zug Sparkplug 1 Evileye Furniture Normal It stares into the soul of everything in the universe. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Watfinger 2 Straddlebark 1 Deviltailed Slapper 2 Bamli Egg Egg Superior Even before it is fully hatched, the Bamli sports a proud moustache. Blastcrab Egg Egg Superior It's hot to the touch. Like an egg, but one that's hot to the touch. Gallum Egg Egg Superior The egg is made of crystal chunks, just like its parents. It seems shy. You know, for an egg. Glaser Egg Egg Superior While being carried, the egg makes high-pitched gurgling noises. Glidopus Egg Egg Superior No matter how much you dab it with paper towels, it remains perpetually moist. Glutterfly Egg Egg Superior Something adorable is probably going to come out of this. That, or a hideous flying insect. Gulanti Egg Egg Superior The blowhole must be there for a reason. What that might be... nobody knows. Lyff Egg Egg Superior When threatened, the egg makes a high-pitched ululating sound. Like father, like son. Satgat Egg Egg Superior This shell looks the same as the exoskeleton of the parents! Shirk Egg Egg Superior The baby Shirk inside screeches violently. Slurb Egg Egg Superior You have to be careful while handling it, so as to not impale your entire everything. Snorble Egg Egg Superior It squishes like an airbag. It's almost as if there's nothing inside it... Tartil Egg Egg Superior It gets stuck to your hand when you touch it. Hopefully it's not permanent. Throak Egg Egg Superior It wobbles like jelly when you slap it. You should probably not slap it. Vomma Egg Egg Superior The egg is covered in a sticky substance, and it smells like the bathroom of a bar at closing time. Wat Egg Egg Superior The egg seems ready to zoom off into the sunset. Wojack Egg Egg Superior It's covered in suckers! Probably to keep it attached to... whatever. Wompit Egg Egg Superior You'd think Wompits wouldn't lay eggs, on account of them being mammals. You'd be wrong. Zug Egg Egg Superior It crackles with electricity. You get tiny static shocks the whole time you're holding it. Glidopus Incubator Incubator Superior This is going to get moist. Chemworks Whistleroot Reed 28 Sawgrass Leaf 8 Log 23 Glidopus Egg 1 Glutterfly Incubator Incubator Superior As the saying goes, if you want to hatch a Glutterfly, you gotta build one of these. Stoneshaper Glutterfly Egg 1 Flatstone Gravel 5 Sawgrass Leaf 8 Log 22 Tartil Incubator Incubator Superior Tartil eggs stick to everything they touch. INCLUDING THIS! Fishiminea Tartil Egg 1 Giant Fossilized Femur 4 Sawgrass Leaf 9 Log 25 Wat Incubator Incubator Superior You figure it's about time you raised your own pointy-fingered bat creature. Crystal Kiln Dusk Dust 2 Wat Egg 1 Sawgrass Leaf 9 Log 27 Wompit Incubator Incubator Superior This should keep a Wompit egg at just the right temperature to make it hatch! Skinnery Wompit Egg 1 Sawgrass Blade 23 Sawgrass Leaf 7 Log 20 Zug Incubator Incubator Superior Be sure not to stick your tongue on this while it's hatching. That'd be gross. Crystal Kiln Zug Egg 1 Straddlebark 1 Sawgrass Leaf 9 Log 27 Shirk Incubator Incubator Superior Ever wanted a shrieking bird shark following you around? Now's your chance! Shredbasket Shirk Egg 1 Strange Tuft 2 Furgrasp Antler 11 Smashblossom Petal 12 Blastcrab Incubator Incubator Superior How hot does a Blastcrab egg need to be? Probably... probably hot. Refinery Blastcrab Egg 1 Oilbag 7 Furgrasp Antler 13 Smashblossom Petal 14 Gallum Incubator Incubator Superior This might be tricky, on account of the egg attempting to teleport away all the time. Foundry Gallum Egg 1 Crystine 7 Furgrasp Antler 13 Smashblossom Petal 14 Glaser Incubator Incubator Superior Be sure to put the egg in right-side up, or you'll end up with an upside-down Glaser. Gastropestle Glaser Egg 1 Boreole 2 Furgrasp Antler 11 Smashblossom Petal 12 Slurb Incubator Incubator Superior You never know when you need a spiked flying snail at your back or front. Tumbler Slurb Egg 1 Karboan 17 Furgrasp Antler 12 Smashblossom Petal 13 Gulanti Incubator Incubator Superior You know what makes for great padding? Giant, squirming larvae. Foundry Gulanti Egg 1 Depressurized Larva 2 Furgrasp Antler 13 Smashblossom Petal 14 Lyff Incubator Incubator Superior There's no way this will keep a Lyff egg intact. But you're going to try it anyway. Burnchurn Lyff Egg 1 Flungus Pod 28 Furgrasp Antler 12 Smashblossom Petal 13 Bamli Incubator Incubator Superior With a pile of grenamel and a bit of TLC, you can hatch just about anything! Granvil Bamli Egg 1 Grenamel 8 Vlap 27 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Satgat Incubator Incubator Superior Flying barrel bugs with tiny heads make great pets. You read that on the internet once. Centrifuge Satgat Egg 1 Thrombyte Fibrin 7 Vlap 26 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Snorble Incubator Incubator Superior With the right amount of blube, you can fit a Snorble egg into just about anything. Compressor Snorble Egg 1 Blube 13 Vlap 25 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Throak Incubator Incubator Superior How do you hatch a Throak egg? No, seriously... is this right? Bioloom Throak Egg 1 Dendrite Spine 3 Vlap 24 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Vomma Incubator Incubator Superior There's no way to know whether this will work. Actually, there is. LET'S DO THIS! Jollyscope Vomma Egg 1 Jolly Fulmar 3 Vlap 22 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Wojack Incubator Incubator Superior What if the Wojack egg DIGS THROUGH THE INCUBATOR? Jackweaver Wojack Egg 1 Myelar 22 Vlap 23 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Lognest Creature Stable Normal It uses extremely soft and well-insulated wood to keep creatures and their eggs warm! Sawmill Log 9 Sawgrass Leaf 3 Vlappy Nest Creature Stable Normal It's the perfect combination of soft, moist, and bone-crushingly firm! Jollyscope Vlap 16 Jolly Gastrolith 3 Smashy Nest Creature Stable Normal Spikes? No, those are... love-pokers. Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 8 Smashblossom Petal 9 Spongy Podcake Creature Food Normal It smells like something that died that ate something that also died after living a full life. Sends your pet into a berserking rampage for 3 minutes! Pressure Cooker Coppersponge 1 Parapod 1 Royal Glaser Essence 1 Bawgaporter Teleporter Epic This remarkable contraption allows you to instantly warp to the Bawg! Blulch Component Superior It's a squishy pile of organic goopy chunk part pieces. It's warm! Permafrost Component Good It's pretty frosty, and moderately perma, too. Furdle Blulch Floor Normal This RICH COMPOUND OF BLEH should work well for cultivating a Bawg garden! Jollyscope Blulch 4 Jolly Fulmar 8 Furdle Frost Floor Normal Anything from the Tundra should be happy growing in this DELICIOUS FROST! Shredbasket Permafrost 4 Spiregg Goop 8 Healing Shrine Shrine Normal It'll get all kinds of jibblies out of your blood tubes! Bait Shrine Shrine Normal Your pole is totally gonna be so awesome for the fishings after you touch this. Flight Shrine Shrine Normal Prodding this shrine makes your toes feel all twinkly toesy mctwinkle. Harvest Shrine Shrine Normal GET TO WORK! Haircone Seed Good This makes a giant hair emerge from the ground. Why? HAIRCONE! Spur Seed Seed Good Jamming this into the ground will cause a spur to appear over time. Gross, but effective. Brubus Codewall Furniture Normal Brubus congregants will often write their meeting minutes on golden tablets. You know, for posterity. Brubus Debate Lamp Lighting Normal To sustain debates into the depths of the COLD NIGHT, Brubus will keep these lamps lit around their congregation. Brubus Lectern Furniture Normal It's important to have a place from which to shout others down. Statue of Bribery Furniture Normal The Brubus have tremendous regard for greasing the wheels of democracy. Brubus Voting Bucket Furniture Normal Write your name and put it in the bucket. It's definitely not a shredder or anything. Blollilamp Lighting Normal Sometimes the best ideas come from taking two random objects and cramming them together really hard. Jollyscope Bloo 3 Jolly 4 Blotlamp Lighting Normal IT'S BLUE AND IT GLOWS. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM IT. Squathe Blastique 1 Glotus Berries 2 Bulbi 1 Fluorsack Lighting Normal For when you need to bathe the world in a delicious purpley glow. Compressor Throak Fluoros 4 Gassak Gas Sack 2 Lumivase Lighting Normal This would go well with your new drapes, or some kinda fashionable stuff like that. Centrifuge Luminalgae 1 Blube 3 Coral Tubes 1 Smashlight Lighting Normal This beautiful piece will keep your other beautiful pieces marginally visible at night. Shredbasket Emerald Smashborer 1 Smashblossom Trunk 8 Stuffed Bamli Furniture Normal When you've bested this many bamlis, you'd best put it on display. Granvil Spur Gum 2 Bamstache 8 Bamli Horn 31 Stuffed Blastcrab Furniture Normal It's still warm to the touch, even after being stuffed! Refinery Karboan 12 Blastcrab Shell 8 Blastcrab Hide 4 Reassembled Gallum Furniture Normal When you place your hand on it, you can feel it vibrating and humming slightly. Foundry Crystine 4 Gallum Armor 7 Alloyonite 3 Gallum Rib 2 Stuffed Glaser Furniture Normal If you look closely, you can see old burn marks on the antlers from the heat of its laser! Gastropestle Smashblossom Trunk 12 Glaser Antler Fragment 6 Glaser Hoof 3 Glaser Stomachball 2 Stuffed Gulanti Furniture Normal Your hair stands on end as you walk past it. It's either the static or the creepiness. Foundry Alloyonite 3 Gulanti Chomper 5 Gulanti Blowhole 2 Gulanti Elecore 2 Stuffed Lyff Furniture Normal It's so realistic, you can almost feel it licking you. ALMOST. Tumbler Karboan 12 Lyff Leather 7 Lyfftongue 4 Stuffed Satgat Furniture Normal Even though they are immobile and stuffed, its wings move so fast you cannot see them. Centrifuge Spur Gum 2 Satgat Exoskeleton 12 Satgat Flesh 4 Stuffed Shirk Furniture Normal The beak is so sharp you could cut paper with it, or styrofoam or something. Shredbasket Smashblossom Trunk 15 Shirk Beakfragment 7 Shirk Plumage 3 Stuffed Slurb Furniture Normal Its horribleness haunts your dreams. AND EVEN YOUR NIGHTMARES. Tumbler Karboan 12 Slurb Spine 9 Slurb Magnet 2 Stuffed Snorble Furniture Normal It takes a lot of work to keep these airbags inflated, but it pays the mortgage. Compressor Clossom 2 Snorble Airsak 6 Snorble Skin 10 Stuffed Tartil Furniture Normal The tar never seems to dry, no matter how long it sits. Fortunately, it smells terrible. Fishiminea Pearl Scale 2 Tartil Pitch 13 Tartil Tongue 2 Stuffed Throak Furniture Normal The tentacles get stuck on you as you walk past. It's delightful! Bioloom Clossom 2 Throak Tentacle 18 Throak Jelly 1 Stuffed Vomma Furniture Normal It looks just like the real thing! A dead version of the real thing, anyway. Jollyscope Jolly Gastrolith 3 Vlap 15 Boba 1 Stuffed Wat Furniture Normal Its long, slender fingers are still gross to look at. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Watfinger 2 Wat Wing 5 Stuffed Wojack Furniture Normal OH GOD IT oh it's dead. Heh. For a minute there... ... anyways. Jackweaver Jolly Gastrolith 3 Wojack Cilia 3 Wojack Sucker 10 Stuffed Zug Furniture Normal When you gaze upon its face, you are reminded of how stupid it was in life. Crystal Kiln Dusk Shard 3 Zug Kneecap 7 Charged Zug Molt 1 Zug Sparkplug 2 Wobbler Furniture Normal When you gotta punch a wobbly picture of your nemesis, you gotta punch a wobbly picture of your nemesis. Chemworks Wompit Leather 11 Glidopus Ink 12 Flatstone Gravel 4 Brain Boost Potion Consumable Good Drinking this cocktail heightens your senses! ALL OF THEM. Puts you in bullet-time for 3 seconds. Pressure Cooker Karboan 3 Raging Slurb Essence 3 Boreole 3 Ventsleeper 3 Karboric Shiner Lighting Normal It's so firm and glowy! Standing near it makes you feel queasy and nauseous, for some reason. Tumbler Boreole 1 Karboan 6 Floaty Icelight Lighting Normal The power of Flungus keeps this glowing Icequill hovering gently in the air! Burnchurn Flungus Pod 10 Icequill 3 Potted Pyn Potted Plant Normal Now you can chew the eyes off of Pyns any time of the day! But not at night; that'd be weird. Granvil Pyn 2 Spur Gum 1 Potted Perp Potted Plant Normal These perps will add ambience to any room that doesn't already have Perps in it! Shredbasket Conjoined Perp 1 Smashblossom Trunk 8 Potted Bunnion Potted Plant Normal These adorable Bunnions scream endlessly until eaten. They're SO CUUUUTE! Foundry Bunnion 1 Alloyonite 2 Potted Boreole Potted Plant Normal Once potted, Boreoles stop glowing. Must be something about... sciencey crap... Gastropestle Boreole 1 Smashblossom Trunk 9 Potted Icequill Potted Plant Normal Potted Icequills don't have the same vibrant glow as wild ones. Still, WHATEVER! Refinery Icequill 3 Karboan 7 Potted Coppersponge Potted Plant Normal Infinite sponges? INFINITE SPONGES! SPONGE SPONGE SPONGE SPONGE. Sponge. Burnchurn Coppersponge 4 Karboan 7 Potted Hardcore Potted Plant Normal Probably the most hardcore potted hardcore ever potted. Gastropestle Hard Core 5 Smashblossom Trunk 9 Potted Parapod Potted Plant Normal Potted Parapods present prolific parapod production possibilities! Gastropestle Parapod 2 Smashblossom Trunk 9 Geysir Drill Seed Good This thingamabob will punch a hole in Furdle Frost, digging a permanent Geysir! Tumbler Hard Core 11 Diamond 3 Glaser Chargenub 2 Magmite Queen Seed Good Her voluptuous insectoid curves attract all the magmite mans! Smash Seed Seed Good When placed in the right environment, this will yield a DELICIOUS Smashblossom! Pipeseed Seed Good Somehow, this turns into pipes. Pipedirt. Pipey pipedirty dirt pipes. PIPE. Potted Tusker Potted Plant Normal It makes you feel things when you feel it. Jollyscope Jolly Gastrolith 2 Tusker 3 Nematobomb Bomb Normal Deals 100% of your DPS as frost damage and makes your enemies crave hot cocoa! Compressor Extracted Tuber 3 Blube 3 Throak Nematocyte 3 Vompole Clusterbomb Bomb Normal Harness the explosive power of BABIES! Er... vompoles. Not babies. Deals 250% of your DPS as physical damage! Jackweaver Vompole 3 Jolly Fulmar 3 Bleghpod 3 Bloodbomb Bomb Normal If it bleeds, you can kill it. If it's already bleeding, you probably don't have to. Bleeds enemies for 250% of your DPS! Centrifuge Vampry 3 Blood Louse 3 Satgat Exoskeleton 3 Shirknel Bomb Bomb Normal The salt gland causes a chemical reaction, and then CHEMISTRY HAPPENS! Deals 250% of your DPS as physical damage! Gastropestle Shirk Saltgland 3 Glaser Stomachball 3 Shirk Beakfragment 3 The Slurricane Bomb Normal Creates a powerful poison cloud that poisons LITERALLY EVERYTHING except for some stuff! Deals 300% of your DPS as poison damage! Tumbler Slurb Spine 3 Karboan 3 Meltor 3 Pincushion Bomb Bomb Normal Vigorously poke everything TO DEATH! Deals 200% of your DPS as physical damage! Burnchurn Flungus Pod 3 Flailpod 3 Handy Purptorch Torch Normal What, this? IT'S NOT PINK. IT'S FUCHSIA. Bioloom Splinter 25 Nurvaxon 9 Dendrite Spine 4 Throak Fluoros 15 Emerald Hand Torch Torch Superior Fight the darkness with the bright glow of this AMAZING EMERALD TORCH! Order now and we'll throw in a bag of toothpaste. Tumbler Boreole 4 Diamond 8 Emerald Smashborer 6 Jollysign Sign Normal Disgustingly keep track of all the cool stuff you find! Jollyscope Jolly 1 Vlap 1 Smashy Sign Sign Normal Magellan it up in the Tundra with this fashionable sign! Shredbasket Furgrasp Antler 1 Smashblossom Trunk 1 Sterling Wompit Essence Creature Essence Superior Holding this object in your hand makes you feel... stompy. Ancient Glutterfly Essence Creature Essence Superior Being near this essence makes you feel FLUTTERY AND VIVACIOUS! Womplord Essence Creature Essence Epic Gazing upon this amazing whatever it is, you feel compelled to amputate one of your legs and hop around wildly. Bloated Glutterfly Essence Creature Essence Epic It vibrates and chirps with the POWER OF GLUTTERFLIES! You get the sense that licking it would kill you. Verdant Glidopus Essence Creature Essence Superior Putting this essence in your pocket makes you strangely attracted to Whistleroots. Elder Glidopus Essence Creature Essence Epic Holding this object in your hand makes you wish your hand was a tentacle. Filthy Tartil Essence Creature Essence Superior This makes you feel sticky, yet delicious. Like some kind of sticky cake or dessert. Blood Tartil Essence Creature Essence Epic This sticks to everything IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Except for love, which is an intangible idea that things can't stick to. GrandWat Essence Creature Essence Superior This ball of Wat energy rapidly flits around as you approach it! OR DOES IT? Yes, it does. Ancient Shadowy Wat Essence Creature Essence Epic Coming near this essence makes you want to poke things with your long, creepy fingers. Zug Lug Essence Creature Essence Superior This Zug energy ball makes grating shrieking noises. It's oddly calming! Zuguardian Essence Creature Essence Epic This essence crackles with electricity! Tempered Vomma Essence Creature Essence Superior Being near this essence makes you want to barf. But... in a good way. Sightless Vomma Essence Creature Essence Epic Being near this essence makes you REALLY want to barf. But in a REALLY GOOD way. Malicious Throak Essence Creature Essence Superior You feel that if you were to touch it, you would be stung. Only one way to find out! Bawgblood Throak Essence Creature Essence Epic Holding this makes you feel like you could just FLOAT AWAY! Burnt Snorble Essence Creature Essence Superior This essence gives you the feeling of HURGH BLAGH! Depressurized Snorble Essence Creature Essence Epic It feels very light, as if it's full of air! Wait. That's just gas. Sensitive Satgat Essence Creature Essence Superior This essence is ADORABLE! Desaturated Satgat Essence Creature Essence Epic Being near this essence makes your head feel tiny. Sticky Wojack Essence Creature Essence Superior This little ball of Wojack energy makes you want to DIG! DIG INTO THE GERND! Bleached Wojack Essence Creature Essence Epic It tingles your toes when you poke it with your toes. Stop poking it with your toes. Wily Bamli Essence Creature Essence Superior Just being near this makes you sprout a RAGING MOUSTACHE. Raving Bamli Essence Creature Essence Epic Holding this item in your hand makes you crave sugar tremendously. Also, your limbs feel tingly. Berg Shirk Essence Creature Essence Superior GREEEEEEEEEEAAAGH AAAAAAAAAAAAK! Redwing Shirk Essence Creature Essence Epic Your beak feels beakier just from being near this essence! Royal Glaser Essence Creature Essence Superior Holding this essence makes you feel like shooting laser beams from your forehead! Greybearded Glaser Essence Creature Essence Epic This essence causes you to crave grass. MMMMMM GRASS HOLY CRAP YEAH! Raging Slurb Essence Creature Essence Superior IT'S HORRIBLE! Sleepless Slurb Essence Creature Essence Epic This makes you feel terrible about yourself. Lyff Broh Essence Creature Essence Superior It's so bouncy and springy! Max Lyff Essence Creature Essence Epic When you lick it, you like it. Pressurized Blastcrab Essence Creature Essence Superior IT'S SO DANG HOT. OOH OOWEE! HOT HOT HOT! SO HOT RIGHT NOW! Liquid-Cooled Blastcrab Essence Creature Essence Epic Touching this essence gives you the vague sense that you are severely burning off your fingers. Calcified Gallum Essence Creature Essence Superior It won't stop vibrating. You can think of one good use for this. CALF MASSAGES! Monochromatic Gallum Essence Creature Essence Epic You can feel the power coursing through it! OH GOOD LORDY! OH MY! OH MY STARS! Jumpy Gulanti Essence Creature Essence Superior This essence makes you want to SING TO THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR GLORIOUS BLOWHOLE! Hotblooded Gulanti Essence Creature Essence Epic Your neck feels stretchy when you hold this. Almost TOO stretchy. Tundraporter Teleporter Epic Majestically transports you to the Tundra LIKE A SOARING EAGOLE! Wompogo Stick Creature Catalyst Epic Although Wompits can't ride this on account of having no arms, one will definitely appreciate the thought. Embiggens your Wompit to EPIC SIZE! Crystal Kiln Tartil Firedamp 8 Charged Zug Molt 8 Dusk Shard 29 Womplord Essence 4 Hivelighter Creature Catalyst Epic Despite conventional wisdom, Glutterflies have terrible eyesight at night. BUT NOT WITH THIS! Embiggens your Glutterfly to EPIC SIZE! Jollyscope Pearl Scale 19 Jolly 70 Wuano 8 Bloated Glutterfly Essence 2 Kaglidoscope Creature Catalyst Epic Glidopus be trippin. Embiggens your Glidopus to EPIC SIZE! Bioloom Dusk Prism 7 Bleghpod 18 Extracted Tuber 8 Elder Glidopus Essence 5 Ten Tonne Bomb Creature Catalyst Epic Once this bomb is absorbed into the squishy body of a Tartil, ALL BETS ARE OFF! Embiggens your Tartil to EPIC SIZE! Bioloom Squocoon 16 Dusk Prism 7 Wojack Spice 9 Blood Tartil Essence 4 Sleeping Bag Creature Catalyst Epic A growing Wat needs the warmth of a sleep sack! Embiggens your Wat to EPIC SIZE! Compressor Snorble Mucusak 9 Throak Jelly 9 Extracted Tuber 8 Ancient Shadowy Wat Essence 3 Perpetual Motion Machine Creature Catalyst Epic Nothing charges up a Zug's chargey parts like a thing that violates the laws of physics! Embiggens your Zug to EPIC SIZE! Centrifuge Satgat Silk 9 Vampry 11 Thrombyte Fibrin 45 Zuguardian Essence 5 Vommophone Creature Catalyst Epic You've never puked until you've puked through one of these babies. Embiggens your Vomma to EPIC SIZE! Granvil Painsulin 10 Spur Gold 12 Blood Louse 9 Sightless Vomma Essence 5 Mining Helmet Creature Catalyst Epic It's good to protect the Noggin when TUNNELING CRAZILY UNDERGROUND LIKE AN ULTRABEAST! Embiggens your Wojack to EPIC SIZE! Shredbasket Sodium Chunk 10 Emerald Smashborer 14 Grenamel 51 Bleached Wojack Essence 5 Tripoon Creature Catalyst Epic Used by the most powerful Throaks to hunt prey, or something like that. Embiggens your Throak to EPIC SIZE! Gastropestle Glaser Silk 10 Hair Louse 29 Diamond 20 Bawgblood Throak Essence 5 RC Car Creature Catalyst Epic Great for testing airbags and safety features! Embiggens your Snorble to EPIC SIZE! Tumbler Slurb Electrucus 11 Technium 20 Karboan 115 Depressurized Snorble Essence 3 Binoculars Creature Catalyst Epic Giving this to a Satgat lets it see its house from here. Embiggens your Satgat to EPIC SIZE! Burnchurn Crystine 42 Meltor 39 Diamond 21 Desaturated Satgat Essence 3 Hipster Bamglasses Creature Catalyst Epic Are these cage-fed? Embiggens your Bamli to EPIC SIZE! Refinery Blastcrab Hydrocarbon 12 Blackbark 41 Strange Tuft 11 Raving Bamli Essence 7 Sharp Whistle Creature Catalyst Epic THIS PIERCES THE EARS. NOT THE LOBES, BUT... YOU KNOW... THE DRUMS. Embiggens your Shirk to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Gallium 12 Oilbag 50 Liquideon 6 Redwing Shirk Essence 4 Glazoo Creature Catalyst Epic It's perfectly shaped to fit in the mouth of a Glaser! Embiggens your Glaser to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Gulanti Zeolite 12 Alloyonite 36 Technium 22 Greybearded Glaser Essence 3 Trampoline Creature Catalyst Epic Give that Slurb a trampoline. Slurbs love trampolines. Embiggens your Slurb to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Gulanti Zeolite 12 Oilbag 50 Lyff Leather 70 Sleepless Slurb Essence 5 Barbell Creature Catalyst Epic This lyff lifts, broh. Embiggens your Lyff to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Gulanti Zeolite 12 Spur Gold 14 Pipedirt Pipe 174 Max Lyff Essence 2 Cooler Creature Catalyst Epic Play it cool, crabby. CRABBY COOL! COOL CRAB COOL CAKES! Embiggens your Blastcrab to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Gallium 12 Liquideon 6 Flungus Pod 199 Liquid-Cooled Blastcrab Essence 2 Insulated Sweater Creature Catalyst Epic This will protect the electroneck of your glorious GULANTI! Embiggens your Gulanti to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Satgat Silk 12 Glaser Silk 12 Coralduster 48 Hotblooded Gulanti Essence 3 Galvanized Ribcage Creature Catalyst Epic BE SELF-CONSCIOUS OF YOUR RIBCAGE NO MORE! Embiggens your Gallum to EPIC SIZE! Foundry Technium 22 Diamond 22 Gallium 12 Monochromatic Gallum Essence 3 Grenamel Sleeper Furniture Normal It's like sleeping on a pillow made of gold. You'd think that'd be uncomfortable. WOULDN'T YOU. Granvil Vlap 18 Spur Gold 2 Luminalgae 1 Bluffy Bed Furniture Normal Is this bed any better than any other bed? Does it matter? Why are we here? Is there a point to existence, or are we all just a cosmic accident? Foundry Bluffluff 10 Lonsdaleite 6 Diamond 2 Rustmoss 5 Squair Furniture Normal This would be softer if you did more squats. But then, the whole world would be softer, WOULDN'T IT? Squathe Squee Barrel 4 Squee Husk 12 Wompit Sinew 3 Squable Furniture Normal BEHOLD THE MIGHT OF SQUABLE! Squathe Squee Barrel 4 Squee Husk 12 Basic Glue 1 Myelar Lazychair Furniture Normal It's so well insulated, it'd be nearly impossible to be tased in the butt while sitting in it. Bioloom Myelar 23 Wojack Cilia 5 Myelar Table Furniture Normal The squishiness of Myelar makes for a terrible writing surface. Good thing you don't have any pencils or paper! Bioloom Myelar 23 Throak Tentacle 27 Snorby Airchair Furniture Normal It's like putting your butt on a cloud. A cloud made of air. Compressor Snorble Skin 10 Snorble Airsak 6 Throak Jelly 1 Snorby Pufftable Furniture Normal It takes a lot of LUNG POWER to keep this thing inflated. Inflabed. In... Infilgrated. Compressor Snorble Skin 10 Snorble Airsak 6 Charged Zug Molt 1 Grenamel Buttrest Furniture Normal It's so dang smooth you can see your butt's reflection in it! Granvil Grenamel 8 Splinter 20 Grenamel Flattable Furniture Normal This table is the flattest surface in the known universe. It's so flat, you could put a glass on it if you use a coaster. Granvil Grenamel 8 Jolly Gastrolith 5 Antler Pongtable Furniture Normal Perfect for an outing with the rambunctious gents who all live in that one house down the street! Gastropestle Glaser Antler Fragment 12 Spiregg Goop 10 Antler Lawnchair Furniture Normal Not actually suitable for use on lawns. Chair not liable for serious injury or death. Gastropestle Glaser Antler Fragment 23 Fuzzy Hotchair Furniture Normal The fuzz keeps your rear-end nice and toasty! Burnchurn Blackbark 6 Bluffluff 18 Bulgy Podtable Furniture Normal The slightest poke would cause it to rupture, possibly with force of up to millions of tons of dynamite. Burnchurn Blackbark 6 Flungus Pod 28 Wobbly Redtable Furniture Normal Triangles are nature's most elegant wobbly shapes. Refinery Alloyonite 6 Oilbag 7 Pointy Awesomechair Furniture Normal You could easily impale almost any body part on almost any part of this amazing chair! Refinery Alloyonite 4 Coppersponge 7 Hard Core 9 Squee Seedbomb Bomb Normal Take your Squee gardening to the next level. LEVEL UP! SQUEEEEE! Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Squathe Squee Seed 3 Squee Husk 3 Squee Barrel 3 Nurva Seedbomb Bomb Normal This seedbomb really gets on people's... nurva. HEEEEEEH. Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Bioloom Myelar 3 Nurvaxon 3 Nurva Seed 3 Artree Seedbomb Bomb Normal Don't get your fingers caught in the Blubes, as they say. Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Compressor Blube 3 Sagtatoe 3 Artree Seed 3 Hairy Seedbomb Bomb Normal This baby will put hair into everything's chest. Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Granvil Hairbark 6 Haircone 3 Spur Seedbomb Bomb Normal Why grow spurs when you can EXPLODE THEM AT THINGS? Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Granvil Spur Seed 3 Grenamel 3 Spur Gum 3 Furgrasp Seedbomb Bomb Normal GRASP AHOY! Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Shredbasket Furgrasp Seed 3 Furgrasp Antler 3 Furgrasp Foliage 3 Flailtree Seedbomb Bomb Normal Be careful not to flay yourself when this bad boy goes off! Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Burnchurn Flaycorn 3 Blackbark 6 Pipedirt Seedbomb Bomb Normal It's about to get piping hot in here. Deals 125% of your DPS as physical damage. Refinery Pipeseed 3 Rustmoss 6 Alloyonite Stable Creature Stable Normal Probably the fluffiest, bluffiest creature bed on the entire planet. Aside from the fluffy warmth of your love, that is. Refinery Alloyonite 4 Bluffluff 14 Bleghy Stable Creature Stable Normal It's squishy, wet, and moderately lumpy. PERFECT FOR A PET TO LIVE IN! Bioloom Bleghpod 2 Throak Tentacle 19 Horn of Megalari Structure Normal A fragment of the horn of the ancient and mysterious Megalari. The Polari believe it has MAGICAL PROPERTIES! Clamphitheatre Structure Normal This half-shell comes from deep in the frigid waters of the Tundra. At least... at least 10 or 12 feet deep. Polari Horn Sharpener Structure Normal Gotta keep those babies nice and sharp. Polari Hornlamp Lighting Normal The horn is from a fallen Polari, and the light comes from that Polari's soul. It's a pretty depressing lamp. Fat Beatdrum Furniture Normal The beats that emerge from this drum are so fat, they could definitely stand to spend some time in the gym. Baby Beatdrum Furniture Normal For when fat beats just aren't appropriate. Bleghsketball Throwable Normal Dunking will be difficult in the gravity of this planet, and also without knees or a hoop. Bioloom Bleghpod 9 Throak Fluoros 5 Gyroball Throwable Normal Sure, it's hard as a ball of concrete, and as heavy as one, but... You know. Tumbler Karboan 9 Slurb Magnet 3 Technium 2 Larvy Sackball Throwable Normal It's spongy, yet bouncy, like the skin of some larvae stitched together. Because that's what it is. Foundry Depressurized Larva 10 Gallum Rib 3 Bluffluff 4 Flashfizzbang Bomb Normal This contraption is packed full of lightning! Summons a lightning storm at the target location for 100% of your DPS for 7 seconds. Foundry Gulanti Elecore 3 Gallum Warpcore 3 Crystine 9 The Big One Bomb Normal It's pretty dang big, and it explodes pretty dang big, too! Flings out three other bombs, and also deals 100% of your DPS as physical damage. Foundry Flashfizzbang 6 The Slurricane 6 Pincushion Bomb 6 Lonsdaleite 21 Harvestbomb Mk2 Bomb Normal A more powerful harvestbomb, for breaking apart all kinds of stuff! Breaks apart all Mk1 resources, plus Flatboulders, Squees, and Dusk Crystals! Squathe Squee Barrel 3 Gassak Gas Sack 3 Harvestbomb Mk3 Bomb Normal More powerful than its weaker cousin, this bomb is powerful, and not weak. Breaks apart all Mk2 resources, plus Jollychomps and Nurvas! Jackweaver Clossom 3 Splinter 3 Harvestbomb Mk4 Bomb Normal For when you need to chop things, but don't want to chop things! Breaks apart all Mk3 resources, plus Artrees, Bone Spurs, Bawg Hairs, Furgrasps, Spireggs, and Smashblossoms! Shredbasket Hard Core 3 Spiregg Shell 3 Harvestbomb Mk5 Bomb Normal You could probably blow up the whole world with this thing. Breaks apart all Mk4 resources, plus Flunguss, Flailtrees, Pipedirts, and Magmite Mounds! Refinery Flailpod 3 Magmite Worker 3 Fish Magnet Bomb Normal When flung with the right wrist-flick, this will magnetically explode fish out of all fishing holes caught in its radius! Tumbler Ventsleeper 3 Slurb Magnet 3 Ice Skate 3 Chembobber Bomb Normal This bobber will bob into Bawg or Savanna water and EXPLODE FISH RIGHT OUT OF THEIR SCHOOLS! Bobbly! Centrifuge Satgat Chemoreceptors 3 Pyn 3 Pointy Pinwheel Furniture Normal This little guy will help you tell whether the wind is blowing! Hint: it is. Chemworks Glutterfly Chitin 6 Flatstone Gravel 4 Whistleroot Reed 19 Balloon Cluster Furniture Normal Great for parties. Squathe Glidopus Siphon 10 Gassak Gas Sack 2 Bumpberry 2 Flatstone Gravel 3 Depth Charge Bomb Normal This came from somewhere... deep... And probably deals 300% of your DPS as physical damage! Bawgsack Resource Normal It vibrates and pulses with squooshy mucus! Megagong Lure Trinket Legendary By fusing together three powerful Gongs, you may just be able to fish up the legendary Megagong with this equipped! Refinery Jackagong 1 Wobblygong 1 Bonkagong 1 Gulanti Zeolite 16 The Megagong Weapon Level 37 Legendary Level 37 Axe. This beast will make you the envy of every angler IN THE WHOLE DANG WORLD! The Hydrablade Component Legendary You have heard legends of three Sawgrass blades stuck together... but you never imagined it could be so beautiful. Ancient Watch Parts Component Legendary Some ancient civilization must have put this together. The parts are SUPER INTRICATE! Oddly Shaped Crystal Component Legendary This crystal shard is shaped kinda like... an insect of some sort... Facehugger Component Superior It loves your face so much it's sickening. The Chrono Shifter Gadget Legendary Slow down time for everything but yourself! And then punch everyone in the neck! Jollyscope Dusk Prism 12 Ancient Watch Parts 1 Jolly 132 Blimpsack Component Legendary This Snorble sack is unusually durable and floaty. If only there were a use for something like that... Mini Dirigible Gadget Legendary Why walk when you can BLIMP? Grants temporary flight for increased movement speed, and for traversing water! Compressor Blimpsack 1 Blood Louse 12 Snorble Skin 145 Blube 116 The Everliving Pulp Component Legendary This spur pulp throbs with the ENERGIES OF LIFE! The Blood Root Weapon Level 24 Legendary Level 24 Hammer. Pulsatrating with the throbulent cardia of life, this hammer will kill everything. Granvil The Everliving Pulp 1 Spur Gold 6 Vampry 6 Painsulin 5 Physics Research Component Legendary With this knowledge, you can put these papers INTO A FOLDER! Spacetime Folder Gadget Legendary With the knowledge contained in this Spacetime Folder, you can fold spacetime to teleport yourself in battle! Burnchurn Physics Research 1 Lyff Leather 92 Slurb Electrucus 16 Flungus Brain 33 Fatfish Furniture Superior It's full of wonderful fish goodies! Torso Demon Resource Normal It got caught in a Geysir vent and pulled from the underworld. KILL IT! Torso Demon Skin Component Legendary It's rubbery, hot, and stretchy. It would make for a great coaster! Demonic Boots Leg Armor Level 27 Legendary Level 27 Legendary Pants. These will keep your toes so hot, you can't help but RUN LIKE THE WINGS OF THE WIND! Gastropestle Torso Demon Skin 1 Hard Core 19 Diamond 5 Glaser Chargenub 4 Ship Controls Structure Normal This is useful for making sure you stay in space! Package Component Good Whatever is inside this, it had better be important. Ship Floor Floor Normal It's a floor! From your ship. Savannaporter Teleporter Normal Slapping this will suck you through space and drop you RIGHT SMACK in the Savanna! Spaceporter Teleporter Normal Want to go to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE? Now you can. Ship Tusk Structure Normal It keeps your ship pointed in the right direction using space magnets! Volatile Sack Bomb Normal There's something GOOFY about the sack of this Gassak gas sack sack. BETTER THROW IT AT SOMETHING FOR 175% OF YOUR DPS AS FIRE DAMAGE! Crashed Flop Rocket Structure Normal Once majestically soaring through space, now majestically not soaring anywhere ever again. Cryopod Furniture Normal Keep it lubey in here, or you'll get stuck. Space Chair Furniture Normal This is where the space sits. Space Table Furniture Normal This table is so sturdy it can hold at least five or six spaces. Spaceduck Spacepie Consumable Good Although mostly inedible, if you mix a spaceduck up with actual food, it makes for a FANTASTIC pie! Restores 162 HP. Birdhouse Furniture Normal This milkshake will bring all the birds to the yard. Refinery Pipedirt Pipe 17 Blastcrab Shell 8 Blastcrab Hide 4 Bubble Machine Furniture Normal Because blowing bubbles yourself is far too time-consuming. Refinery Alloyonite 3 Technium 2 Gulanti Blowhole 2 Oilbag 4 Bombcatcher Trinket Epic Using gravity quantum particulate energy matrix multiplication, this little tool will cause you to not consume a bomb and incur no bomb cooldown 25% of the time when you throw it! Tumbler Slurb Magnet 11 Technium 10 Slurb Electrucus 6 Karboan 58 Karboambox Furniture Superior Settle in for some smooth jazz, baby. Tumbler Karboan 16 Technium 3 Glaser Stomachball 3 Cookie Jar Furniture Normal WHO STOLE THE COOKIES FROM WITHIN THIS MAGNIFICENT JAR!? Gastropestle Hard Core 12 Glaser Stomachball 3 Easel Furniture Normal Fingerpainting would never be relevant, your mother always told you. Show her she was WRONG! Centrifuge Coral Tubes 1 Satgat Exoskeleton 9 Snorble Skin 8 Thrombyte Fibrin 4 Rocketoob Furniture Superior Be sure to point the fireworks end away from your parts. Jackweaver Splinter 12 Wojack Spice 1 Boba 1 Jolly Fulmar 2 Horizontal Blubelights Floor Covering Normal In the event of a water landing, please follow the illuminated BLUBELIGHTS to your imminent doom. Compressor Throak Fluoros 1 Blube 1 Vertical Blubelights Floor Covering Normal Follow the blubelights TO YOUR BLUBEY DESTINY! Compressor Throak Fluoros 1 Blube 1 Flower Arrangement Furniture Normal IT'S AN ARRANGEMENT OF FLOWERS. THAT'S ALL IT IS. GET OVER IT. Shredbasket Conjoined Perp 1 Smashblossom Trunk 11 Fanged Strangler 1 Boreole 1 Flubbery Furniture Normal Probably one of the more flungus-like shrubberies you've seen, but it'll get the job done. Burnchurn Flungus Pod 55 Gamebox Furniture Normal There's a hole in the bottom... you put your games in there. Tumbler Karboan 12 Meltor 4 Slurb Spine 9 Genie Lamp Furniture Normal You gotta rub it the right way, and then nothing happens. Genies aren't real, you weirdo. Gastropestle Diamond 2 Glaser Chargenub 2 Fanged Strangler 1 Golden Catue Furniture Normal Legends say if you put enough of these in your house, people will like you a lot less. Granvil Spur Gold 2 Bamli Horn 46 Blubber Burner Lighting Normal With its ability to burn for up to eight moments, shirk blubber makes for a very versatile lamp! Shredbasket Shirk Blubber 4 Smashblossom Trunk 4 Furgrasp Antler 2 Spiregg Yolk 1 Grenamel Dog Sculpture Furniture Normal Definitely less maintenance than a non-grenamel dog sculpture. Granvil Grenamel 8 Bamli Horn 46 Sackolantern Lighting Normal WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE THIS? Compressor Snorble Airsak 2 Ayeayes 2 Blood Louse 1 Throak Fluoros 2 Sticky Hammok Furniture Normal It will provide a good night's sleep, but you might need five showers in the morning. Bioloom Throak Tentacle 18 Throak Nematocyte 2 Clossom 2 Grandrogynous Clock Furniture Normal Looking at this clock, you can't tell what time it is. Bioloom Extracted Tuber 1 Throak Tentacle 14 Bleghpod 2 Dendrite Spine 2 Shock Guard Gadget Superior This INCREDIBLE INVENTION summons 3 lightning balls that will shock your enemies when you strike them for 70% of your dps! Jackweaver Charged Zug Molt 4 Nurvaxon 18 Myelar 66 Dendrite Spine 7 Lumiball Lighting Normal Excuse me, sir... your ball is glowing. Centrifuge Luminalgae 1 Ayeayes 2 Pyn 1 Satgat Exoskeleton 3 Pedometer Trinket Superior It's so exciting to keep count of your steps, that every 50 steps you'll burst into a joyful sprint! Bioloom Extracted Tuber 5 Throak Fluoros 41 Wojack Spice 5 Polkadot Floor Covering Floor Covering Normal This'll keep your little toesy woesies nice and comfy womfy! Burnchurn Bluffluff 1 Goldybank Furniture Normal There's a hole in the top, so you can put your insanely huge piles of cash in there! Granvil Spur Gold 2 Bamstache 11 Welcome Mat Floor Covering Normal Let your neighbors know they're welcome to take your mat with this mat that tells your neighbors they're welcome to take it! Jackweaver Myelar 1 Bleghpod 1 Jolly Fulmar 1 Pipette Floor Covering Floor Covering Normal Definitely one of the worst surfaces you've walked on, but what the HECK? Refinery Pipedirt Pipe 1 Unwelcome Mat Floor Covering Normal Nothing says STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE better than this mat! Disclaimer: This mat does not speak. Centrifuge Vampry 1 Blood Louse 1 Satgat Silk 1 Thermometer Furniture Normal When you need to know how hot it is, the only way to tell is with a person-sized thermometer. Gastropestle Sodium Chunk 1 Diamond 2 Hard Core 8 Cute Totem Furniture Normal AWWWW WOOK AT ITS WIDDLE FACES! WWWOOOOOWOOWOOO! Shredbasket Smashblossom Trunk 15 Shirk Beakfragment 7 Emerald Smashborer 2 Party Animal Furniture Normal It's not a party until you ride in on one of these. Burnchurn Flungus Airoot 14 Flungus Pod 14 Bluffluff 9 Lyfftongue 3 Power Crystal Resource Superior Legends say this power crystal was once wielded by a powerful elderly Indian man. Battery Component Good This amazing device can power another amazing device for a short while! Dish Component Good Waves of stuff bounce off the bowl shaped part and shoot out in directions toward things! Comm Relay Furniture Epic Great for communicating with the Bureau of Shipping! And probably other Bureaus also? Crystal Kiln Power Crystal 1 Dish 1 Battery 1 Entanglement Ring Trinket Normal The Tendraam use these circular roots as a symbol of eternal bonding. Also can be used as garnish. Hewgodooko Security Door Structure Normal This high-tech door requires a high-tech key! Hewgodooko Security Key Device Superior This high-tech key probably goes into a high-tech door! Golden Key Device Superior This key probably opens up a chest or something... something like that. WHO KNOWS? Supply Crate Component Good It's jam-packed with supplies! Tendraam Legacy Root Component Good Tendraam carry roots of Maarla as their most sentimental personal possession. It seems PRETTY USELESS! Stickybomb Bomb Normal It sticks everything... TO DEATH! Deals 75% of your DPS as physical damage. Skinnery Wompit Leather 3 Stick 3 Elixir of Slashing Consumable Good Pour this tasty concoction onto your weapon to give it a chance to cause bleeding! 3% chance to cause enemies to bleed upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Dusk Shard 2 Straddlebark 1 GrandWat Essence 1 Elixir of Precision Consumable Good Drinking this pungent mixture innervates you with WILD ENERGY! Improves critical strike chance by 3%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Dusk Shard 2 Bulbi 1 Zug Lug Essence 1 Elixir of Longevity Consumable Good Wompits are known to live up to 700 years. And now, SO CAN YOU! Regenerate 0.50% of max HP every 2 seconds. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Log 8 Baconweed 2 Sterling Wompit Essence 1 Elixir of Venom Consumable Good Pouring this steamy blend onto your weapon will cripple your enemies! 3% chance to poison enemies upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Bumpberry 1 Flatstone 7 Ancient Glutterfly Essence 1 Elixir of Antivenom Consumable Good By repeatedly dosing yourself with sunshroom chunks, you become more resistant to LITERALLY EVERY POISON EVER. Reduces poison damage taken by 15%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Log 8 Sunshroom 2 Verdant Glidopus Essence 1 Elixir of Sprints Consumable Good When the bottle touches your lips, you feel all tingly in your jibblies. 3% chance to gain turbo speed upon striking. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Cauldron Bleghpod 1 Tusker 3 Tempered Vomma Essence 1 Elixir of the Spood Beast Consumable Good Spood Beasts have never been more tasty! Improves run speed by 5%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Hearth Dusk Shard 2 Spood Beast 1 Filthy Tartil Essence 1 Elixir of Insulation Consumable Good Drinking this makes your skin feel rubbery and wubbery! Reduces electric damage taken by 15%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Cauldron Grenamel 2 Myelar 6 Thrombyte Fibrin 2 Wily Bamli Essence 1 Acidic Fish Food Seed Good Tossing this sweet little thing into the acid of the Bawg will attract a new school of fish! Centrifuge Ayeayes 10 Luminalgae 1 Snorble Uvula 4 Frozen Fish Food Seed Good It can withstand extreme pressures AND extreme cold! This will attract new schools of fish in the Tundra! Tumbler Ventsleeper 2 Boreole 2 Glaser Chargenub 2 Minitoomah Component Good It wriggles and tries to grab onto stuff with tiny tendrils. Dead Minitoomah Component Good It doesn't have even a glimmer of life left in its bones. Ynnix Artifact Top Fragment Component Good It shimmers and glursts with GLORIOUS YNNIX ENERGY! Ynnix Artifact Bottom Fragment Component Good Is it REALLY the bottom if you flip it around? Yes, it is. Baary Trophy Furniture Normal This would definitely impres your house guests, if anyone would ever come to visit... Baconweed Fairy Trophy Furniture Normal Because the Baconweed Fairy was too beautiful to be forgotten. Blockstock Trophy Furniture Normal Much like the original, it is hard as a rock and ruthless. Elixir of Warmth Consumable Good This delicious brew warms the very cockles of your soul. Reduces ice damage taken by 15%. Elixir lasts 20 minutes. Pressure Cooker Pipedirt Pipe 6 Blastcrab Ignition Gland 1 Icequill 2 Pressurized Blastcrab Essence 1 Krakalaka Furniture Normal It uses pure KRAKENERGY to pry open even the toughest of packages. Goldbait Snare Furniture Normal The ideal way to catch something that loves... GOOOOLD! EMG Trophy Furniture Normal In honor of you whooping some serious rockbutt. IHO Trophy Furniture Normal This hovering object was identified, and now... IT IS NO MORE! Jessica Trophy Furniture Normal Her horribleness will no longer strike fear into the hearts of... well, pretty much anyone! Poteti Trophy Furniture Normal When it comes to poteting, this poteti just couldn't potet. Toomah Trophy Furniture Normal If it comes back, you'll just have to STAB IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND... AGAIN. Ynnix Trophy Furniture Normal It was a tricky opponent, but not as tricky as you! OR WAS IT? Is this a trick? No, of course not. OR IS IT? The Lens Left Fragment Furniture Legendary It crackles with energy, though it seems somehow subdued. The Lens Right Fragment Furniture Legendary A chunk of the legendary Lens. You wonder what would happen if all the pieces came together... The Lens Top Fragment Furniture Legendary The top portion of the legendary Lens. Just being near it fills you with a sense of heroism and wonder. Whirlstone Resource Normal It makes you very sleepy. Juicejockey VacuHelm Helm Level 37 Legendary Level 37 Helm. Made from the finest space materials, this helm can protect your head parts from just about anything! Smash Racket Gadget Legendary Holding this racket infuses your body with the power of a thousand quadropi. Use it to smash your enemies into wet, fishy dust! The Orb of Forn Gadget Legendary This orb has seen a lot of use. Veeru technology lasts forever, though. So... NO PROBLEM! The Bubbler Trinket Epic These little guys seem to endlessly reproduce through mitosis. Every 20 seconds, a new Bubbly appears and follows you. If it gets close to an enemy, it will explode for 200% of your dps! Bingo Ball Component Good Although it looks like a regular tennis ball, it is extremely dense. Quantum Electrodongle Component Good It's the part of a ship that makes the ship not explode. Goldinox Wreckage Furniture Normal Dependable. Rugged. Golden. Destroyed. Landed Flop Rocket Structure Normal It's unclear why the Bureau would send this unreliable prototype as a Package Rescue vehicle, but... there it is. Space Debris Component Good It's space debris from a space explosion! Seerfish Component Good Look into its eyes. You will see... What you mean to this fish. Hewgodooko Trophy Furniture Normal It's kind of a big deal.