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Hewgodooko (also known as Hewgo) is a character in Crashlands. He is the main antagonist in the game; a megalomaniacal alien that causes Flux and JuiceBox to crash on Woanope after stealing their three packages.

Hewgodooko is very technologically advanced, and uses attacks such as Laser Sweep, Repair Bot, and Gravity Drive[1]. The three alien races native to Woanope consider Hewgo to be a serious threat. In the Savanna, Hewgo kills Burl, which directs Grandmammy's wrath towards him. In the Bawg, he begins building a machine called the Krakalaka

Savanna strategy[edit | edit source]

Hewgo's attack pattern mainly consists of three circling lasers. To combat this, get to the corners in the walls and wait for them to stop. It is also recommended to get a pet that can't be hurt by the lasers, such as a wompit or glutterfly. Speed potions are also a good idea, as after half health is gone, he jumps at you like a Wompit.

Bawg strategy[edit | edit source]

Hewgo does not appear in the Bawg.

Tundra strategy[edit | edit source]

Hewgo does not appear in the Tundra.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hewgo is of the same alien race as Forn, Jobi, Morg, Tim, and Pete.[2]
  • After reaching a certain point in the main storyline, Hewgo may randomly appear to the player at random intervals, Destroy the resource that the player is after, and then vanish.

References[edit | edit source]