Harvestbomb Mk4

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Harvestbomb Mk4
Harvestbomb Mk4.png
Type Bomb
Tier 4
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

" For when you need to chop things, but don't want to chop things! Breaks apart all Mk3 resources, plus Artrees, Bone Spurs, Bawg Hairs, Furgrasps, Spireggs, and Smashblossoms!"

Description[edit | edit source]

Harvestbomb Mk4 is a player crafted bomb that can be equipped. Throwing this item at the appropriate resource(s) allows rapid break-down and gathering of all resources in its' blast radius.

It deals 75% of your DPS as physical damage to surrounding enemies around the harvested target (same as Stickybomb).

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Requirements Amount
Hard Core.png Hard Core 3
Spiregg Shell.png Spiregg Shell 3
Time 00:02
Harvestbomb Mk4.png Harvestbomb Mk4 3

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