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Glutterfly Drone

These glowing, gigantic insects seem to only come out at night. Their carapace is extremely tough, and they seem generally angry about most things.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Glutterflies have six tiny legs attached to a huge green sack of what appears to be filled with poison. They have beady eyes on their round orange heads. Glutterflies also have fast moving wings on top of their poison sack.

Taming[edit | edit source]

You killed it's mother and stole it while it was still an egg. Once hatched, it will fight for you.

To tame a Glutterfly you require a Glutterfly Egg, which can be dropped from any type of Glutterfly except the Glutterfly worker.

Attack Pattern[edit | edit source]

Glutterflies have 2 ways of attacking, each having a larger range as the Glutterflie's tier goes up

1: Glutterflies will puff up and shoot a small ball of poison at the player. If it hits an object or is in the air after a while, it will explode into a poison cloud. The color of the projectile varies with each type

2: Like their first attack, Glutterflies will instead shoot 3 poisons projectiles at the player that will explode. Both the impact damage and the damage over time (-to confirm) stack with each other in the case of the triple attack.

The radius of the explosive is quite large at the end of it's trajectory.

Attack Strategies[edit | edit source]

When approaching, it's better to stun them, so as to not accidentally walk into their first attack.

Once close to the mob, the easiest is to hit them 1-2 times between each of their attacks, and then simply walk through the monster to dodge the attack. This requires you to be very close to the monster at all times. If you are more than a step away and noticing the attack a tad late, you risk running right into the attack.

It is preferred to avoid fighting them during daylight (as is possible during the twilight hours, or certain quests). During day time their attack patterns can be difficult to spot, delaying evasion.

When engaging the higher-level Glutterflies make sure you clear any surrounding monsters as they can prove a nusiance, in case you have to run around a bit to dodge attacks.

It's possible to re-approach the Gluttery in the middle of a triple attack, by walking between 2 projectiles at about the 2/3 mark of their flight distance. At that point they are far enough for you to be able to quickly walk between them right to the Gluttery, and then through it to dodge the next attack. When doing this be careful not to eat a face-full of projectile if you took too long to approach.

It is fairly easy to defeat the bug using just your pet Wompit, or if you are farther into the game, Tartil or Vomma, as they tend to stay in one place when attacking. And last, they are extremely resistant to poison(90% poison resist,thus the second toughest against poison damage), but can be killed easily with fire.Despite its higher level than Wompit, they deal less physical damage.

Types of Glutterflys & Drops:[edit | edit source]

Type Level Appearance Drops
Glutterfly Worker 3 Glutterfly worker.png Glow Juice

Glutterfly Chitin

Glutterfly Drone 5 Glutterfly drone.png Glow Juice

Glutterfly Chitin

Glutterfly Queen 7 Glutterfly queen.png Glow Juice

Glutterfly Chitin

Ancient Glutterfly Drone 9 Ancient glutterfly drone.png Glow Juice

Glutterfly Chitin

Ancient Glutterfly Essence

Ancient Glutterfly Queen 11 Ancient glutterfly queen.png Glow Juice

Glutterfly Chitin

Ancient Glutterfly Essence

Bloated Glutterfly 15 Bloated glutterfly.png Glow Juice

Glutterfly Chitin

Bloated Glutterfly Essence

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Glutterfly" probably came from a combination of the words "glitter" or "glutton" and "butterfly."

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