Previous quest: N/A
Next quest: Foundations ►
Questline: Crafty Contact
Prerequisites: N/A
Location: B.S. S.S. Assess Lander
Given by: Juicebox
Summary: Make some floors out of Sawgrass
Reward(s): x10 Thatched Sawfloor.png Thatched Sawfloor

Floored is a quest in Crashlands.


  • Find Sawgrass plants and deconstruct them by using the interact function. These plants drop around 1-3 Sawgrass Blades. Collect these Sawgrass Blades until you have 10 of them.
  • Then head over to the BS SSSS SS5 which should be a few tiles away from your spawn point.
  • Interact with the aforementioned crafting station to open the crafting menu. Find the Thatched Sawfloor item and then craft it; and wait for the item to finish constructing.
  • After construction is complete, retrieve your crafted item and then exit the crafting menu and the quest is complete.


WARNING: The following dialogue may contain spoilers for the game. Do not read if you wish to avoid in-game spoilers!

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Well you've still got one left! Let's finish this delivery.
Flux.png Flux : What about that alien maniac who just BLEW UP THE SHIP!?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : We just need to contact the Bureau of Shipping so they can send a Space Rescue Space Truck before he shows up again. SOOOO we'll need to build an advanced Comm Device.
Flux.png Flux : With sticks and flowers? Guess we should get a base of operations started. This will take some doing.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : I'll deploy the SURVIVAL STATION just South of the Escape Pod. Why don't you make some floors out of this sawgrass? Throw some blades into the Surive Station to build them.
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