Flatstone Gravel

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Flatstone Gravel
Flatstone Gravel.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"This will be incredibly useful for whatever you might use an ordinary pile of small rocks for."

Description[edit | edit source]

Flatstone Gravel is a component that drops from flatstone. The most flatstone gravel you can get from one flatstone is three piles.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Hearth.pngHearth Flatstone.pngFlatstone (29)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (7)
Log.pngLog (31)
Glutterfly Incubator.pngGlutterfly Incubator Glutterfly Egg.pngGlutterfly Egg (1)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (5)
Sawgrass Leaf.pngSawgrass Leaf (8)
Log.pngLog (22)
Crackerwhack.pngCrackerwhack Glutterfly Chitin.pngGlutterfly Chitin (7)
Basic Glue.pngBasic Glue (1)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (4)
Gravelbomb.pngGravelbomb (3) Gunpowda.pngGunpowda (3)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (3)
Wompit Leather.pngWompit Leather (3)
Wobbler.pngWobbler Wompit Leather.pngWompit Leather (11)
Glidopus Ink.pngGlidopus Ink (12)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (4)
Pointy Pinwheel.pngPointy Pinwheel Glutterfly Chitin.pngGlutterfly Chitin (6)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (4)
Whistleroot Reed.pngWhistleroot Reed (19)
Balloon Cluster.pngBalloon Cluster Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (10)
Gassak Gas Sack.pngGassak Gas Sack (2)
Bumpberry.pngBumpberry (2)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (3)