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This is an optional questline that provides the Flamethrower schematic.

Juicebox the Godbox[edit | edit source]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Ramerl, you've got what some would call an OBSESSION with electricity, eh?
25px Ramerl : HEHOOOO! That'n I do. Say, you're a shiny box, not a squishy critter. Wait a tick, are you...?!? *Ramerl's eyes go wide as she looks over Juicebox's frame and glowy face* You are OF Energy!
Flux.png Flux : Yeah, Juicebox is a robot.
25px Ramerl : A ROBOT!? I done theorized that the Energy Arts could give life but... but sentient life? Impossible! HOOOOO! A being of Energy... Amazing. You aren't just a box, you're a Godbox!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Godbox? I COULD GET USED TO THIS!
25px Ramerl : You must know all. Perhaps you'd do this lesser bein' a kindness and help out with my super-secret project. See, I'm tryin' to make this thing that throws fire all over stuff. Only problem is I need somethin' liquid AND explosive to fuel it.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Well, according to BureauPedia- erm, I mean my INFINITE KNOWLEDGE- Wompit milk has some enzymes that would stabilize gassak gas, so long as you do it under vacuum.
25px Ramerl : Oh WOW! You truly are a Godbox! Perhaps you would demonstrate your Greatness with a sample?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : How could I let down my own disciple? Flux-minion, let's get to work making some NITRO!
Flux.png Flux : *rolls eyes* Alright, let's go. We'll bring you a case of Nitro soon, Ramerl.

To do[edit | edit source]

Make one unit of Nitro and give it to Ramerl.

Reward for completing the Quest[edit | edit source]

Flamethrower schematic