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Type Component
Quality Item Quality Superior.png Superior

"It loves your face so much it's sickening."

Description[edit | edit source]

Facehuggers are creatures found in Bawgsacks in the Bawg and in certain runes in the Savanna. They are non collectible.

1-2 Facehuggers will randomly spawn out of a Bawgsack as soon as it is harvested. If you are near them, they will attach themselves to your face and once they do, they will inflict a buff called FACE HUGGER PANIC MODE, this debuff will damage you with Poison until it is halfway through and will grant you a 50% Speed Boost for the whole debuff. The Speed Boost from the Facehugger stacks other Facehuggers if one finds more Bawgsacks within the debuffs time, allowing for extremely fast running.

The Facehuggers are a reference to the impregnation aliens in the Alien movies.