Easy win against all Bosses

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General Tactics[edit | edit source]

All of bosses have special attack patterns. Some of them are easy to learn and some not(these are f*cking hard) . All depends to your skill and smartness. These instructions are for who are stuck on ludicrous or challenge mode. There are some items and pets you MUST use them: Trinkets:Medicine bag, Davy lamp, Heating pad, Grounder for defensive stats and Clarm, searchlight, pedometer, mercurial batshoes, retina mouted spice injector for offensive stats. Pets: Some of pets in the game are useless for killing bosses. Best of them are: Wompit(Toughness-Physical dmg increase) Glutterfly(Triple Attack) Tartil(Continuous fire attack) Vomma(Multi shot-High physical dmg-fast attack) Snorble(Fast attack-Triple attack) Bamli(Electric orbs) Glaser(Continous electric attack) Slurb(Fast and continous physical attack) Lyff(Multi shot-freezing attack) Gallum(Triple electrical attack) Elixirs:If you are going to fight with a boss without elixirs, better not to go :) Elixir of antivenom(Poison), Elixir of fireproofing(Fire), Elixir of resilience(Toughness), Elixir of longevity(HP regen), Elixir of warmth(ice) and Elixir of insulation(Electricity). You can use any of gadgets ans devices but the most usefull are: Fingerrang, flamthrower, bio-pipe(early game) , nematoblaster, shock guard, Dbot(If you are too weak), smash rocket and terrifying fetish.

Baconweed Fairy (also known as the b*tch weed fairy)[edit | edit source]

Use medicine bag, elixir of antivenom and stony antidote to be safe from her poison attacks. BF's worst abilities are her homing teeth.Thus, you don't have enough time to hit her since you have to run around her to avoid teeth. Using a hammer allows you to deal lots of dmg and run at the same time. For pets, use a wompit for its toughness or a glutterfly for its triple attacks or even a tartil for its continuous fire attack helps you much more. Pick 1 or 2 devices just to make your pet attack BF. You can throw everything(Bombs or devices) to interrupt her sleep. If you are weak at dodgging just use devices and bombs, do not go near her. And if you don't have high move speed use mercurial batshoes with an axe.

Blockstock[edit | edit source]

All Bosses[edit | edit source]

Savanna Baconweed Fairy Blockstock Baary Hewgodooko
Bawg Jessica Ynnix Toomah
Tundra Poteti I.H.O. E.M.G.
Easy win against all Bosses