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Basic Info
Biome Savanna
Hardcore Signal Name Barricaded Signal
Deals Damage Physical, Fire

Blockstock is a boss in Crashlands. It is a stone boss encountered during the quest "The Labyrinth". This boss is very likely to be the first boss Flux will fight. It will yell GIT REKT along with other weird phrases during the fight.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Blockstock appears to be a big, square rock, with yellow eyes, stony eyebrows, and a big, mean, stony mouth. It has 2 stony fists hovering besides the body. Although at first players will see only 2 fists, extra hands can emerge from the ground. Blockstock is one of the immobile bosses in Crashlands, the others are Toomah and E.M.G.. Coincidentally, E.M.G has very similar appearances to Blockstock, only differences are that E.M.G's made of Tundra crystals, and it's left face is severely damaged, exposing a large, humanoid eye.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Blockstock attacks in a few different ways. He starts out by punching at Flux, causing a fist to emerge from the ground, and setting fire to a part of the ground. Hurt him enough and he will summon minions that spit exploding rocks at Flux, and he will pound the ground around him in a big area. There is a major advantage being he cannot move.

To start the fight you must step on the golden platform in the chamber of the labyrinth.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Use a ranged device, such as the Blo-Pipe or Fingarang, to make your pet attack the boss (any pet that inflicts debuffs are useful), and it's recommended to feed your pet an Anger Omelet to boost its damage for 20 minutes.
  • A Glidopus is very useful for this boss because of its high attack rate and the fact that Blockstock is immobile
  • An Ancient Glutterfly is useful, too. It does tons of damage and ends the fight in a short time
  • A Sterling Wompit is good too, becuase of its massive damage and double hit.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Hardcore Mode[edit | edit source]

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